65 Fastback 4.6 DOHC Turbo Progress Pics

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  1. awesome ride!
  2. Awesome!

    Nothing wrong with what you've got there, but while going to such extensive mods, why didn't you go with a 5.4? More displacement = More fun :D
  3. I'm putting an 03 Cobra engine into my 66 coupe this summer, it's nice to see sombody that has done down that road with sucess! Very nice work! I'm staying with EFI and computer for easy tuneability, just my preference. I'm a year away from it pulling itself out of the shop, so I dont have a light at the end of my tunnel yet...

    I do have a question about your coil over setup out back. Did you make it or is it a system from sombody? with the black paint it's hard to tell. Where did you get the 9 inch housing? Part of the kit? and lastly what kind of drilling/fab work did it take to install the rear suspension.

    Thanks for the inspiration to get at it again!

    Kevin Tetz.
  4. This is totally off the subject but is this the same Kevin Tetz from Trucks TV? If so welcome to the forum and if you have a moment I have a thread started about what paint scheme should I use. I would LOVE to hear some of your feedback.

    If you are not the same Kevin welcome as well and I would still love your feedback. :)

    Whoops, the poll was on the other forum.

  5. Looks great. That rad looks tiny behind the front mount, hopefully it ill keep you cool. When I was shopping for mine anything rated for over 400 hp was gm type wide with twin fans. nice work, keep it up.
  6. Yeah, I'm "That Guy" :) I've always been drawn to more subtle paint schemes, and I think it's more of a personality trait than anything. Flames on a basically square body dont usually go together AT ALL ...... BUT! let me say that I think that the flames separating the two tone of black & red looks pretty freakin cool! FYI- we did the same basic scheme on our '37 Ford Hot Rod Truck on the show, which will air in two weeks if you watch TRUCKS!. It looks totally different on a pre-war vehicle, but it works surprisingly well on your Mustang. IF I can add any suggestion, it would be to follow the style line in the upper corner peaked edge on the fenders, doors & quarters with your two tone break, and try to fudge your flames into more of an aggressive ( even angular) design to follow the relatively boxy lines of the first gen 'Stangs. JMHO.

    I'm still curious about the rear coil over setup.... who's is it if it's aftermarket, or did you design it youreslf? I had the chance to buy the rear section of t he Cobra that donated it's drivetrane, but opted out of the IRS in favor af a simpler live axel out back. I've been paying attention to several companies that have coil-over setups, Martz, Rod & Custom, Total Controll, Air Ride Technologies, and RRS even has a three link. Where are you located?

    Nice ride.

  7. Thanks for your input on the paint. I will have to check out the show, not like I don't record it each week, to see the truck's paint. I just don't think I have enough balls to go with the two-tone flame paint. I really like it but feel I may be disappointed when it is done. The rest of the car is already pretty extreme and wild paint may put it over the top.

    I am not the OP on this topic but I think he is running a Heidt's 4 link kit. I am not certain but the brackets look the same. I spent a lot of time researching rear suspension options over the last year and concluded the TCP GBar was the system for me. I have a convertible so the options are a little more limited than you guys running coups and fastbacks.

    One last thing, keep up the great work on the 37 because it is going to look great in my garage. :D
  8. You dont watch:notnice:

    Thats my weekend right there, for those 2 hours i dont move:D
  9. I record the whole powerblock each week. My two favorite shows are Muscle Car and Trucks. Horsepower is pretty good and Extreme 4x4 doesn't hold my attention much. I've been watching those shows since the mid 90's when Horsepower was Hot Rod TV (IIRC).

    I just ment I would pay a little more attention during the paint episode and likely store it on my DVR until my paint decision is done.
  10. Thanks for watching! It's difficult to tell a complete story in our half hour shows..... we cheat time alot because we have to, but it's still fun showing the high points of vehicle builds.... Now all I gotta do is figure out how to do a TRUCKS! show about Mustangs. ::shrug:

  11. That is an easy one. Jut put the Mustang on a Bronco frame. :)
  12. You ever need a project, i have 07 Toyota FJ that could use some new mods:D

    Keep up the good work on the show:nice:


  13. I watch trucks and the entire horsepower block just to see Courtney! Actually, i am taking a 94 Bronco 5.8L engine and installing in my 70 Mach1. So you could do a show on that swap? Probably not too interesting, however. But i do have a bunch of 4x4 gear from the Bronco to either sell or try to fit under my Mach:D

  14. Kevin,

    Sorry I have not responded I have not been on here for a while. The rear setup is a Heit's kit. It is sold as a bolt on kit, which actually goes on very well. I ended up welding a lot of the kit just for piece of mind. The rear housing I had, and that is the part of the kit that is not "bolt on". It comes with brackets that get welded to the rear housing, however they offer on option to the kit that comes with a housing with the brackets already welded.

    I am located in Illinois, if you have any questions on the swap feel free to shoot me a pm.

    On a side note I am a big fan of the power block, and I have acctually done quite a bit of work on one of your old project cars. I do quite a bit of welding and wrenching on the old "Super Nova" that Robin races now. I actually met some of your guys camera crew and Buch Bass when they were at the Joliet race last summer.
  15. Thanks for the info! I still have to replace my rear rails behind the axel before I install any suspension, but I want to have a plan before hand. Very cool that you work with Robin, last time I talked to him he was super cool and gave me some tips on driving the Pro-street S-10 we built on the show. You gotta have some serious skills to work on the level of the Super Nova, no doubt your Mustang will be top notch. Hopefully you'll keep posting here so we can all keep up with your progress. I'll probably PM you and ask a few more questions, thanks for the offer. Heit's has nice stuff, I had forgoteen about them, but the Martz tubular weld in front has my attention right now, pretty reasonably priced too. I'm debating that as opposed to notching the towers to accommodate the 4.6. I have a cherry front section to replace mine, which is pretty sad (rusty) but I dont know if I want to hack it up or just go to an aftermarket system.

    Thanks for the info! again, great car!

  16. That is off the hook, very very nice. I am so glad I went turbo, there's nothing like it.
  17. :D
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  18. I don't think anyone will accuse you of hijacking the thread with that post!! Great pic!
  19. You are my new hero! You have my complete and undevided respect for trying to create and build such a wicked ride on your own!

    I'm not going to give it away, but I have a somewhat similar build project I'm planning with my '65 fastback as well.....

    The 4.6 swap has been over done with our older fastbacks.......but the fact that you had to go and throw a turbo of that caliber on there speaks volumes for your vision and conceptual integration...That beast is gonna move!...........lol , again, I'm kinda saying this because you're project is so similar to mine. :nice:

    Keep the pics and updates coming! :flag:
  20. Wow, that fastback is gonna be awesome. Nice work.

    Even though it was a hijack, this thread had a nice detour for a change.