65 Fastback 4.6 DOHC Turbo Progress Pics

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  1. This setup was planned this way from the get go, so I never had any of the EFI stuff for it. I had the motor built and just bought it as a long block. I then added the carb stuff. I was definatly going for the look in the classic car. I am proficient with EFI also, so if I am not happy with this setup I will probaly go to a FAST or MS option down the road so I can retain this look (would use a 4bbl TB). However this was by far the cheapest was to get it going down the road, and I am confident that the drivability will be near EFI quality. The turbo/carb technology has come a long way in the last 5 years.
  2. regardless, its a very nice setup...I have a question on the valve covers....is that textured paint? it looks awesome, I'd like something like that for my engine bay actually
  3. cars looking awesome!! Makes me wish I had the time/tools or even the$$$ to do a similiar setup. Except I would like to wedge an eng/trans out of the new Shelby Super Snake into mine if given the oportunity.
  4. the textured paint for an engine bay = no no. it is very difficult to keep clean in a large area and sucks up grease/oil/dirt/etc. just my 2 cents
  5. So you hook up a coil on plug harness, connect the cam, map and crank sensor to the msd box, put on a sullivan intake and carb, and fire it up?? Any other odd end things needed??
  6. Actually the MSD box comes with a complete harness, which connect to the stock COP's, crank sensor, and cam sensor. A GM MAP sensor also comes with the kit. Other than that you just bolt on an intake and carb and fire it up. It comes with the software to tune your timing curves with a laptop. It also has a built in two step and rev limiter.
  7. Have not been on here for a while so I figured I would update!! I decided to build an all steel teardrop style hood. I built an english wheel first then proceded to start hammering and wheeling away any some metal...I am pretty pleased with how it came out for my first english wheel project.

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  8. Here are a few more of the car all finished up


    I have been driving the wee out of this car and must say that I am blown away with the way it came out!! The drivability is outstanding. The engine behaves awsome with the carb..actually I would say it is better than any modified fuel injected car I have been in. It took a lot of fine tuning to get there but it was worth it. The power of the turbo is much smoother than I expected. Can't wait for Power Tour!!!!
  9. beautiful man
  10. came out really nice!
  11. I am not a fan of the Tear Drop hoods but yours came out amazing! as did the whole car! very impressive! I am interested in your home built english wheel, could you email me some pictures and info on how you made that and what you used? i have a feeling i may need one one day and am not a fan of buyin tools you can make yourself! thanks for any info and again amazing car!
  12. wow the car came out amazing, I love the older cars that look mostly stock on the outside but are packing serious heat under the hood, bravo!

    ps what the MPG?
  13. totally A W E S O M E!

    Now, some video, in car and bystander would be nice.....
  14. So how much power did your setup end up making? Any tuning issues with startup and initial driving?
  15. Awesome job, it came out sick! :nice:
  16. Have not dynoed yet but it buzzes the tires at the top of 3rd with a 3.50 gear so that is pretty cool with me!!!

    Start up was easy-just turned the key and it fired like I drove it every day!! Initial driving took some more effort but nothing a little patience and a few phone calls to people smarter than me couldn't take care of!!