65 fastback body/chassy ideas thread

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  1. here goes. im in the final stages of metal work. i have been endlessly looking at custom rides, pro touring & prostreet cars for ideas. so far i think i like the following :
    1.welding in rear valance/quarter gap, along with welding in rocker to quarter gap ( i like the look of seamless body).
    2.filling in the cowl vent.
    3.shelby r front valance ( i have modified slightly, not much departure from stock).
    4.fill in all holes in front fenders/ rockers etc. (shaved antenna)
    there will be no holes/emblems in entire car.
    5.cowl hood w/ cowl extended back close to windshield (similar to fox body style)
    6.keep the drip rail & window moldings ( painted body color) i like the look.
    7. reinstalling quarter vents painted body color w/silver screen( had vent delete panels when i got it).
    8. custom bolt in radiator support w/ recess for radiator moved forward.
    9. making fuel tank cage ( 1'' square tubing) underside where tank bolts in, this will attach frame rails and trunk cross member.
    10. full length subframes( .120 square tubing) connect to the main front frame rails. boxed in with 2'' square tubing to the rockers. 3/16 plate used attaching point rocker & frame ( same as a roll cage install). covered with sheetmetal to look like stock torque box install. ZERO flex in chassy !
    11. solid drive shaft loop ( round tube)
    12 seat braces (square tube) perpendicular to frame and connect frame/rocker & trans tunnel ( also acts as bracing for chassy) with removed stock seat pans. ( seats will bolt directly to square tube bracing)
    13. reinforced seat belt attachment points.(stock mounting looked too weak)
    14. mini tubed wheel wells. (slightly notched frame) have 13" clearance.
    15. reenforced shock towers also fully welded

    considered bonding quarter panel extensions to quarters.( not thrilled about the idea of glue or fiberglass bonding aluminum & steel)... also considered making new extensions out of steel & welding to car !( lots of work imo not sure if the labor will be worth the reward) ?

    any ideas / input / or criticism welcome. i would love to hear other ideas on modifications.
  2. a friend wants to make a custom roll cage, but i am kinda reluctant. kinda want to stay away from a race car look. he said he can design one that will retain use of rear seat. i want the interior appear somewhat stock at first glance.. still thinking about this one
  3. I know it might look nice at first, but I'd resist the temptation to (A) weld the rear valance to the quarters, and (B) bonding the quarter extensions to the quarters. No matter how solid you may thing you're making your car, it's still an old Mustang, and they flex a TON! This flex will quickly make itself known when the welds and seams start cracking. There's a local "pro-shop" (I use the term loosely) that's a big fan of the seamless look and I've seen several of their cars, one of which was on the cover of Hot Rod magazine, crack where they were welded and filled. You can make the seams virtually disappear by block-sanding across the seams after adding a skim-coat of filler right up to, but not over the parting line. It's actually very little filler, but the results are perfect gaps and seams that are hard to spot when the car's assembled. Just my opinion...
  4. even if there welded shut they still crack? hard to imagine welds cracking on sheetmetal. i would think the flex of the sheetmetal would absorb any flex. huh
    good point btw. deff somthing to lookout for/ investigate... thanks !
  5. Yeah, they still flex even after welding. The last car I saw of theirs had the filler panel above the trunk welded where it meets the quarters. Now this is welded and the seam has a spot of braze on it originally, but after they welded it from the top, it still cracked a few weeks after paint.