65 Fastback Squirley Rear End???

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  1. Hi guys, another of my whats up with this?? When I hit it hard it pulls hard to right. When shifting hard at rpm it pulls to right hard then back to left between shifts. Weird. On interstate at 70 I punched it and again it lifted and pulls right till settles down??? Soft shocks in rear? rear outta line? Everything looked right but I havnt really ivestigated totally yet. Just got the car a month ago and still figuring out its Idiosyncrasies’. Any ideas will give me somewhere to look. Thanks Mike
  2. check the leaf spring bolt where it comes through the rear end mounting pad ,it may be broken or or not in the hole . I had the housing slide back because of a broken spring bolt .You may even have a broken spring ,they can break right through the bolt hole and you will not see it until you
    un bolt the mounting pads.
  3. Thanks, on it this weekend. This is what I was looking for. Places to start looking/ Thanks pal
  4. I agree with Jim and wanted to also say that even beat up, deteriorated leaf spring bushings could cause this.
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  5. X2X2 suggest inspection of spring mounting gear and bushings.