65 Fastback. Worth it?

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  1. Hello all,
    I stumbled upon this 65 Fastback for sale and was wondering if you think it is worth the money. The guy is asking $6500.00 obo and it does need some work. The economy is hitting him pretty hard and needs the money or he would not sell it. He said he was driving it till about 6 months ago when he decided to put it in the garage after a small fuel leak at the tank. So it does run and drive. It has your typical Mustang rust (rear fenders, door skins, and he said the floor pans need replaced). I am good with some bubbles in the door skins and basically anything that I wont need to replace entire panels on the outside and good with replacing floor pans on the inside. I would like to make a good driver out of it so not looking for a show car. What do you all think it would be worth/how much should I offer the guy? Thanks for all your input and I look forward to seeing your replys.

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  2. Guess it must have been worth it. He sold it today before I had a chance to check it out.
  3. $6500 for a compete fastback is probably a good deal!
  4. Yes, it appeared to be quite worth it and then some. Sorry you missed out.
  5. 6,500 steal.. your usually lucky to even come accross one. i had a chance few years back were i asked about this 65 coupe. well the owner actually had that and a convertable. he was only asking 1500 for the two both were az cars. but i was only 14 no job or money. whish i woulve. i lost that chance now sence i lost his number, to bad im done with my 64 1/2 now. wish i had them complete and one owner.
  6. Well, at least you didn't have to get a fastback with an automatic. (No offense if you're an amputee:)
  7. someone got a great deal !