65 Gas Tank Compromised

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  1. I just picked up a 65 coupe a couple weeks ago, new project for me and my boys. I knew of most of the problem areas, including rusted pin holes in the top of the gas tank. I started removing the gas tank screws and 5 of them rounded off. There is gas still in the tank and the drain plug appears to be rusted shut. I sprayed all 5 screws and the drain plug with WD40 this morning before I came to work. I already have a new tank so what would be the best way to drain the tank, and or remove the remaining screws SAFELY?
  2. I would use these to remove the rounded bolts http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000P0TZZG/?tag=stangnet-20 you just drive them on with a hammer and just as long as it bites it will remove the bolt. I have been saved many times with them. For the fuel, you could punch a hole in the tank with a sharpened punch and let it drain out. You shouldn't have to worry too much about making a spark if you use a sharp punch and hit it squarely.
  3. I have gently hit sideways on the tank bolts and loosened them enough to be able to turn rounded ones out with a pair of vise grips . You could take the filler neck out and siphon the remaining gas from the tank . Do not try removing the sending unit if it has more than a gallon in it you will get it in the face .
  4. I made some progress this morning. I bought a $3 siphon pump/tube from Wal-Mart last night. Since I'm installing a new tank I made the holes in the top of the tank big enough for the tube and a stick to help my guide it. All the gas is out now. Thanks for the suggestions. I haven't tried removing the remaining screws yet.
  5. Get a replacement tank with a drain.
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  6. I am paranoid about sparks near gas tanks, especially ones with just vapor in them. I like tapping the screws from the side after using liquid wrench to pre treat them, then using vice grips if the have a pan or hex head. BUT USE A BRASS DRIFT to avoid sparks, especially now there are bigger holes and more exposed vapors you could spark! A little paranoia is better than 3rd degree burns! I read in the news where a classmate used a cutting torch on the tank straps on what was going to be a demo derby car. I never heard about his recovery, but he was a crispy critter before the job was done.

    If you have to use a left hand drill to drill the screws out or to prepare to use an easy out, use lots of ventilation and lots of oil to drown any spark potential. I hope duct tape will seal the holes from vapor issues.
  7. I got a replacement tank from CJ with the drain. I was able to siphon most of the gas out by making a small rust hole a bigger hole. I thought about pouring some sand into the tank to minimize the gas vapors left over in the tank.
  8. It would be very heavy to remove
  9. So maybe I am used to the Fox body folks not taking warnings seriously and made you too paranoid. Just duct tape the holes shut, put out your cigarettes and torches and do not make lots of sparks. It will not blow up as easily as TNT in an old movie. Do not be stupid and it will be fine.
  10. Fill the tank with water. Then you can do whatever it takes to remove the bolts. Then, drain the tank with the siphon so you can lift it out.
  11. Excellent idea! The water displaces any air that could hold gas vapors, and from folks who weld used tanks, I hear it makes them heavy enough not to move if there is a pop in the little air space left. It is much easier to siphon out again than sand. I wonder if sand would still have air space between the grains anyway.
  12. Seriously, we aren't dealing with C4, TNT or, Nitroglycerine. Although, the the aforementioned would be more fun.
  13. A tank full of c4 might be safer if you avoided electrical sparks. You could sure sell it for more! But first, You might have to learn Arabic to sell it Or hillbilly if there are tree stumps that need removed.
  14. Yeah yeah yeah... well gentlemen, I'm still here and the new tank is in and operational. I didn't have to do any sand or water, just siphoned out the old gas, let the fumes air out for a day and pulled the tank out. Thanks for all the help, sarcastic or otherwise.
  15. You look like the type who knows what to do with C4, and I do not mean the tranny. How is it running?
  16. Its running decent. Unfortunately I know the previous owner ran it with "slime" in the old tank so I changed the plugs and wires, replaced the fuel filter and installed a see through filter before that one to catch/see anything in the lines. Now I have to work on my build book so I can keep track of what else needs to be done and what upgrades I want to do. EFI V8 engine, AOD tranny, discs all around, but first things first, learn to weld better to fix the rust.