65 Mustang Coupe Front Coil Spring Rate????

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  1. I have a 67 coupe with 620 lb after market springs which give me a fairly firm front ride . A friend of mine who is just putting together his 65 is wondering where to get the specs on Mustang standard coil spring rates for his 65 couper as he wants a "soft"ride, unlike mine, when his car finally hits the road.
    Any help appreciated
    Cheers. Al
  2. iirc the stock front spring rate is 380/lbs-in, the gt spring is 460/lbs-in. the aftermarket springs are 540-620-720/lbs-in. for the best ride and handling i recommend either the gt spring at 460/lbs-in, or the 540/lbs-in spring. i am going with the 540/lbs-in spring myself.
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  3. Thanks for the info. I will pass that on to my mate . he called in to a local Tasmanian spring works who said they could reset his old ones with an 8/10 success rate. he will buy new ones now though. Interestingly the spring works said they would not touch volvo or mercedes coils as they were rubbish and could not be reset.
  4. yeah, i have decided that springs are cheap enough to buy new, that i dont need to deal with rebuilt springs.