65 Mustang Coupe Restomod

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  2. Looks great! Nice job on the ducktail.

    What is that O/D unit on the front of your differential?
  3. Who did the 4WD conversion? :D

    Car looks real nice, great color choice too.
  4. I know what you mean, It looks like a divorced transfer case.

    Edit: Oh, I see! That stance is with the engine installed! He does have alot more weight to add such as glass, seats, radiator forward, etc. that will bring it down a bit.
  5. Plus the drive shaft, interior, and sound system isn't in the car.
  6. Very nice quality build. Keep up the good work...
  7. Oooooh purdy
  8. Sooo? Can you tell us about the unit on the front of the diff?
  9. huh?
  10. Is it just me seeing it, or is there more than just the third member on the front of that diff? Is the angle of the photo just making it look longer? I have the large Daytona pinion on mine and that one looks longer, like it has an overdrive attatched to it instead of the tranny tailshaft. Maybe it's just the different colour between it and the housing making it look that way.
  11. Welcome to stangnet, I've been following your build on another web site. Nice build and good luck.

  12. ain't seeing it. i wish i could find one of those old hone-o-drive units that bolts to a 9" diff. i've always wanted one those, but he just a regular old diff there.
  13. Sorry just got back on the net. There is no OD unit. It must be the angle of the picture.
  14. what alternator bracket kit are you using?
    looks like its from march
  15. What size wheels, tires and spacers are your running. Car looks nice. Keep it up:flag:
  16. New pics. I should be cruising her around in a few weeks.

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  17. nice build going there, any updates? my 65 is called a restomod or pro touring more ofter than not, but yours should push both those terms right over the top!
  18. Looks great, that color really rocks. Ditto on what size rims and tires your running? Also do you have any crossover pipe for the exhaust? I always that that was a must?