65 Mustang coupe SIX!

Jun 5, 2018
Abilene, Texas
I am new here but have been building Street Rods as a hobby and business for over 50 years. YES, I am old. The 65 has a 6 with automatic for the wife plus AC and nice stereo with multi-speakers. Interior is all new, exterior is semi-new with 15" wheels, graphite grey paint and blacked-out chrome. All suspension has been modified or repaired with poly bushings, front discs, rear sway-bar, gas shocks and added driving lights in front valance. The 200 SIX is .060" over with a 2-barrel, mild cam, lifters, pushrods, head work, hotter ignition and free-flowing exhaust. A homemade cool-air intake feeds the carb and with 2.83 gears and taller tires 25 mpg is easy. Staying with traffic is also. It is built for the highway which is why there is a LH-6 on the hood for Long Haul 6-cylinder. With 7 main bearings these engines can tach 7K easy with the right parts. Glad to find this site as I am putting a Ford 2.3 from a wrecked 85 Mustang in a 1967 Sunbeam Alpine. More pictures are on a different forum but this site.


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SN Certified Technician
Apr 12, 2002
nice set up charlie. if you havent already, check out fordsix.com we have a lot of good information on the ford six engines. also check out vintageinlines.com for parts for the six.