65 Mustang Distributor Issue

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  1. Hello,
    I am new here and have a question about my 65 mustang with 302 engine. I was trying to change the distributor and coil on it and found out my distributor is already upgraded and does not have changeable points. I looked online to find a Pertronix system to replace my current system, but my system wires comes out the distributor and goes straight to a connector and then splits and goes to the coil and the other wires goes to the back of the engine bay. I was wondering if anyone had seen this before and also what would i need to do to replace the distributor and coil to the Pertronix system? I have uploaded a few pics to help clarify. Thanks for your help. 20140222_154823.jpg 20140222_154833.jpg 20140222_154848.jpg
  2. Welcome to Stangnet! It looks like a duraspark style distributor

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  3. i agree, thats a duraspark system, imo its better than the pertronix.
  4. Wow. Thanks for the help! I went back out and found the dura spark module. So do you guys think I should stay with this system or upgrade to a msd or pertronix system? What all would be involved in replacing this system with one of the other ones?
  5. why would you want to change an electronic ignition that is working just fine, and is more durable than the others?
  6. I have not heard much about the dura spark system. I also was trying to upgrade my engine a little bit for more power and see if it cures a sluggish engine under power condition. I was looking at cleaning the carb and upgrading the ignition system.
  7. upgrading the ignition doesnt improve power output, it only improves reliability. if you have carb issues, fix them first. then set your initial timing at 10-14 degrees BTDC, and go from there.
  8. I think I agree with you on the fuel problem first. I took it for a spin today and another problem showed up. My headlights flashed on and off for the whole drive. So I think that jumped to the top of list of problems.....
  9. two things to go ahead and replace, the headlight switch, and the high/low beam switch. get a headlight switch from a 69 mustang. it was designed to handle the load of four headlights, so it will handle the load of two headlights, even if they are halogen. the floor mounted dimmer switch will also cause the headlight flickering issue, i know because i have had that very problem in two different cars.