65 Mustang Engine Swap Question

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  1. Hello all! I'm new to this site and have viewed a TON of information here about 65 mustang engine swaps, but am looking for something specific that I haven't found yet. I have a 65 coupe that I have torn down to a shell and have not completely decided which engine I want to put in at the time of restoration, but I know I want the engine to be "period correct". I am leaning toward a 427 side oiler and have already worked out shock tower clearance, cooling, etc. However, does anyone know whether or not this combination will clear the blower motor if pentroof valve covers are used? From what I have seen on 351w and 351c swaps it's pretty close. Even though I'm in Texas I would like to have heat during the winter. I'm also planning on using convertible torque boxes, subframe connectors, export brace and monte carlo bar. Opinions on whether or not this setup will keep the car from twisting in two? Any input (fact or opinion) will be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. these are a good start. my advice is to also add stringer that run from the subframe connectors to the inner rocker panel, make sure the inner rocker panel is rust free by the way, otherwise replace it. you should also build a removable center cage like total control products did to solidify the center of the car as well. this will give you a solid base to build on. understand that when you stiffen up the chassis to this extent, any suspension modifications you make will be magnified, so go easy on the spring rates, as well as shock rates and sway bars.
  3. I'm assuming that by "stringer" you mean similar to aircraft wing stringers??? Like tensioned cables between the rocker panel and subframe connectors? I've never thought of or seen that before, but it does seem like it would help a lot, especially since I won't be using a cage.

    Any thoughts on whether or not the valve cover on an FE would hit the blower motor?
  4. kind of, except these would be 1x1 tubing that is welded in place. as for the center cage, this is what i am talking about;


    this will stiffen the center of the chassis, and you can get a driveshft loop as part of the system. you can find it here;

    Total Control Products

    i dont know on that one, as i have never put an FE is a 65-66 stang. i know it fits in a 67-70 since the FE was an optional engine in those body styles. what you might consider is going with a vintage air system that puts everything in the passenger compartment, blower motor, evaporator, heater core, etc. and that will eliminate that possible interference.
  5. I seen the 65-66 mustangs with 427's.
    None of the ones I seen utilized the stock suspension,or the heater blower.
    That includes the AF/X factory experimental . You can get a feel for will be needed here:
    1965 A/FX Mustangs - Ford Flashback Menu
    I did get to drive one that had a 427 with a straight axle out of a 60 era ford econoline van.
    Built as a street car, it was only good for the drag strip. Turning and handling, was impossible for street use. The 427/straight axle combo turned it in to a trailer queen for car shows. It was really beating the car up and not economical even with the cheap gas in the 60's. I seen this mustang since and it now has a 460 and is still a trailer queen. Also check out the cool looking mod to the front valance on picture number 4, Bob Fords mustang.
    On the link above -picture number 2 shows a 427 installed on a 65 mustang (click on it to enlarge). Check out the brake fluid cylinder. Look familiar? Over 600 h.p. and the 65-66 era brakes stopped them,to be fair they also had chutes to assist.
    more pictures here: 1965 A/FX Mustangs - Dearbornflashback.com

    Check out the very first AFX- it was a 64 1\2 notchback and not even a K code.
    You can click to enlarge the pictures, none show the factory suspension.
    I know Ford Engineering made one out of a 65 mustang fastback a few years back, but never seen the details for it.
    Anything is possible, but your best chance would be to build a chassis for it and install the body over it.
    Good luck!
  6. 65 gasser on ebay ?

    This is definitely not a factory AFX .
    More then likely using a Ford Econoline van straight axle.