65 mustang FASTBACK PROJECT, is it worth $4800?HELP

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  1. Ok guys, I need help deciding whether this local 65 fastback project is worth $4800.
    My dream car is a 67-68 fastback but with the prices these have been fetching as you all know are quickly becoming the car that only the rich can buy even in project status. I should have bought at as many as I could find 10-15 years ago!!!

    This local ( i'm the southwest) car is an original T code, straight six, but has no motor or tranny. Rust is minimal but the car needs a complete strip down and paint, all glass is there, almost all the interior is there but needs total restoration. All original chrome is there but needs restoring. Car is pretty much complete and a roller.

    One weird thing on this car is that the rear suspension is independent rear suspension but still drum brakes all around.
    I had written before about this car ( on this forum) when it was on ebay ( it did not sell then) and I have to say that the rear suspension looks almost stock, I know if cannot be factory stock rear suspension but it is definitely not a modern rear suspension kit, whomever fabricated it did a real pro job or maybe it is a very early rear IRS kit? Not sure how long they have been producing IRS for this car.
    Anyway, I know that I will probably not get another chance in quite a while, OR EVER to attain one of my dreams of having a pre- 70's fastback mustang and I just need to know if this is good deal or not. From the prices I've seen lately it seem like a good price and if the seller is desperate enough maybe flashing him $4k cash might make the sale. My thinking in my mind is that when all the 67-68 fastbacks restorables are completely all gone soon then these earlier fastbacks will follow in appreciation/value in the next 10 years +? I am thinking straight guys?
    Please let me all know what you think.
  2. I'd like to see a picture to be really sure, but if it's rust-free and semi-complete, I'd say it's worth it. Wanna know what makes me sick? Several years ago I sold a clean, A-code, 4 spd fastback with a Pony interior and sveral boxes of new parts for $4200. If only I'd known...
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    Well it is not "semi"complete I would consider it is pretty complete, there is some rust on the front drivers floor pan, but nothing that is not fixable plus a little rust on the wheel wells/fenders and the rest surface rust, some bondo here and there but pretty minor. I can tell someone else took off the front fenders to try and fix them but did a bad job of putting them back on as they are not aligned right. Interior is really complete but is pretty banged up. Looks like it was a standard 3 speed and no A/C.

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  4. RE:65 mustang FSTBCK PROJECT, is it worth $4800?HELP

    OOPS!, Forgot the rest of my reply, yeah I hear you on the regrets of having sold that fastback of yours so cheap. I'm newbie to mustangs but I really wish I had thought of getting into these beautiful cars so much earlier. Like I said even 10 years earlier I could have had some serious cars, ( had more mone back then too!). I even had a great uncle who had a 66 coupe, all original , 289, A/C and he sold it for about $2500!
    At the time I didn't even think of buying it! ARRRGH!
    Right now I have a 68 and 70 coupe project. Don't get me wrong I still love those two cars but there is just something about the fastbacks that stands out, even besides the increased value of course! Thanks so much for your response. I think I will go look at this car again if it had not sold yet and make this guy and offer.


    Your fastback looks beautiful BTW!
  5. seems like a good deal as long as the rust is minimal. everything else is east to fix
  6. I f you don't go for it let me Know about it sound like a good project for my new rotisserie the Roller Hoop
    Auto Doug

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  7. OK, let's see

    original T code (-)
    minimal rust (+)
    almost all there (+)
    complete (+)

    IRS from ????? ( -----------)

    especially if the IRS is a hack - you cannot go back to a cart axle, and you will always have a Frankenstein car.

    I would want to get the price down to buy this
  8. Vintage Holman-Moody IRS project perhaps?