65 mustang mini tub

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  1. Hey everyone

    I was wondeing if anyone knew where I could find info or picks on how to mini tub a 65 fastback. I want to move the leaf springs in and make a new wheel well. The car is set up for drag racing with a 650hp stroker that has a hard time hooking up on a small tire. Also if anyone knoes where I could find pics of a nice roll cage im looking for ideas brfore i start building myown.

  2. s&w for roll cages. they are fair priced and nice.

    i just cut out the inner wheel well out of mine, i bought some new ones and i will combine the 2 to make a big one. also cut out the material and removed the bump stop.
  3. still does not solve the problem of the spring my tire rubs the spring the tubs will be easy just not sure on how to move the spring in.
  4. I have seen on a falcon,they cut the back of the frame,flip the rails side to side so they go in towards the tanks and then relocate the front mounts.

    Why not just go to a 4 link?
  5. because all 65's have to do is move the leafs in a little bit and you can fit 295's. and by a little bit i mean on the other side of the frame. i put on some 295's on the back of my 65 and only stuck out less than an inch. i was so surprised i almost went giddy. cept for the fact that i still don't have the springs relocated D:. i really want to do that soon. but i need to just straight buy new leafs since mine are 40 years old and saggy as heck.
  6. Im trying to stay away from a 4 link just beacause of the amount of time and money required. I have thought about making new frame rails that follow the floor and that are inline with the front rails so I can tie the entire car together just hoping to find some idea before doing that.

  7. Mini Tubbin

    Im movin the frame rails(complete rear rails) 4 inchs closer I plan on fitting 295/50-15s inside the tubs when I'm done.:jaw: :hail2:
  8. Thats what im yhinking of doing are u planing on using the original frame rails or something else. I was going to make new rails that follow the floor and then keep the springs on the outside of the rail so is still looks right. I have seen another car that had the springs on the inside and it just did not look right.

    Take a look at this car it has exactaly what i want just dont know how it was done or what size tire but this is the look im going for.



  9. why do all thyat work for those little tires? im sure you can get those to fit by extending the wheel wells in to the rails. im planning on running 325 doing that and flares.
  10. Im hoping for a 325 drag radial after moving the frame rails and making new tubs I want to keep the car low and hsve the tire tucked under the body
  11. Nice work

    what size tire and how much room is there between the inside and outside of the tire
  12. That tire in the wheel well is a 285. I am not sure exactly how much room is in there now as the rearend is not installed under the car yet. As soon as it is I can take some measurements and see just how much tire can fit. The goal was to make THOSE tires fit as they are the ones being used and I know there is more than enough room for them. The inner fenderwells have been moved all the way over to the framerail.....there is no more room available without notching, moving, or reconstructing the framerails.
  13. nice work ronstang. i am in the process of doing the same thing. how much room was on the inside of the tire to the frame rail? think maybe 3 inches?
  14. Nice photos Ron, that's exactly what I've been describing to people for years. That's what I'm planning on doing to my '65, how's the rear seat fit in there now? I like the braces you made for the trunk hinges, looks good. I plan on running the rear leaf springs, I'm thinking of torching out the front leaf spring pockets and welding in a tubular crossmember (like you would for a ladder bar setup) that will incorporate the front spring mounts along with a rear driveshaft loop. I'd make another tubular crossmember that would run between the framerails at the rear between the tank and the rear frame brace.
  15. I've seen that car at the track and the fabrication work on it is tight.....

    I saw it the first night he had it out and he was just doing low 10 second partial throttle passes.....

    Good color:D

  16. How much more room were you able to add? I'm very seriously considering doing this over the winter when I'm replacing my quarter panels. I'm guessing 2, 2.5" maybe?..... Great photos by the way, very helpful.
  17. The limiting factor is the rear part of the frame as it angles out to support the back of the leaf spring. Because of this I was only able to move the inner fender in 1.5". I only went up to the frame on this car as I cannot notch the frame in anyway to keep within SCCA guidelines for the class in which this car will be raced. I also only needed room for a 285 but there seems to be room for more with the right offset rim. I will able to do some better measuring when I get the rear installed in the car and can then bolt on a rim/tire and start measuring. I will let you guys know. I should be there in a couple of weeks. This car is getting a full Griggs setup and roll cage....cage starts this weekend and as soon as it is done the suspension goes on.