65 Mustang Steering Wheel Looks

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    I had previously thought that the gap in my 65 Mustang steering wheel ( exactly like the one above ) was some sort of flaw, but upon browsing the web I have seen a few pictures of the same gap. Is this in fact a flaw and should I consider replacement, is this the original look, or is there a simple fix? Also, what is the purpose of those lever-looking things on the ends of the metal that holds the actually wheel?

    While the posted picture is not in fact the steering wheel on my car it is a mirror image...
  2. You have a deluxe wheel usually found in GT cars ,the three bars coming through the wheel are how you honk the horn. The pic would not enlarge for me but the gap you a talking about is probably a split in the rim plastic .There is a repair kit for it through most parts suppliers .
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  3. thanks again horse sence

    I assume the deluxe wheel was a factory option that the GT came with?
  4. Deluxe interior was actually an option for all 65-66 but usually seen in GT models .I have a standard 2v fast back with deluxe pony interior and a deluxe wheel
  5. Sorry, for some reason I didn't piece together Deluxe Steering Wheel would come with Deluxe Interior... I actually have a convert with original pony interior so I guess this now makes sense...

    Another question: My car did not originally come with a center console, but I have been trouble finding a wood grain center console for a convertible w/o AC... The only things I can find are standard coupe consoles with black trim and separate templates to cut it down to fit in a convertible as well as separate wood grain trim that I would have to replace the black with...
  6. I finally got the pic to open,you do have the delude wood grain instrument panel and wheel.
    The missing piece of the wheel can be repaired ,nice looking wheel and it would be worth it.
    Is your car a GT or just have the deluxe interior ? The seats would have running ponies in the back rest
    if they are deluxe . For it to be a real GT the engine code on in the vin. number ,fifth digit from the left would have to be A
  7. The consoles are available brand new ,you may have to paint them for the interior color you have .They are kind of expensive .I think the only way to get one for a convert is to use the template and cut to fit, easy to do. The console for a air is cut down with an end cap attacked that meets up to the air unit.
  8. It's not a GT, but it has the deluxe interior, dual exhaust, and front disk brakes... Pretty close though!
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