65 mustang with a post 1970 289

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  1. I have a '65 Mustang with a post 1970 289 transplanted in to it. The water pump lower hose was on the drivers side. I replaced it with a passengers side type pump. I then had to replace the crank pulley. Now the v belt does not line up properly. Have any of you had this problem? I really don't want to have a special water pump pulley made.
  2. if it is a late 68 or newer motor it will be a 302 ,289 was droped in early 68
    is it a 4 bolt crank pully? motor sport makes a set of aluminum pullies that should fit
  3. I thought so as well. Ford produced the 289 until 1977 and were used in several platforms. Most likely, this motor is a truck motor.
  4. Truck only 289 until 1977? The 302 entered into production in '68...Sometimes mixing and matching parts can be a PITA. How far off is the belt? Can you post a picture?
  5. if you can take off a valve cover, in between the valves you will see either
    289,302 or 351. look above the starter on the block you will see a part # start of # is the year C4- C9. C4 is 64 ,C9 would be 69 the C standing for 60s .D would stand for 70s so D7 would be 77. E would be 80s and so on
  6. If you get Motorsport pulleys make sure they arent the "underdrive" pulleys or you could have charging/overheating issues.
  7. ford discontinued the 289 in 1968 in the U.S.