Suspension 65 suspension upgrades

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  1. hi all, new to the forum, but not new to mustangs I have a few questions ill give you some background

    the car 1965 coupe fact v8 car slightly modified I have had this car since I was 17 I bought it 20 yrs ago and since then its well had a long colorful life. in its current state it now has a 347 stroker with 250 hp cheater plate on it, msd ign digital 6 box, upgraded fuel system (actually 2 fuel systems) tremec TKO 600 5 spd spec stage 3 clutch cable conversion, ford 9 in with 3.91 and a equa lock iirc 4 pinion and I modded the preload springs its tight. I did the vintage venom cobra brakes on all four corners, and is mastered by a hydroboost from a 03 mach 1. wheels are stock mach 1 17 x8 on all four corners with 205 55 17 up front with 245 45 17 out back. the suspension was all rebuilt with good parts 10 yrs ago. now that seems like a long time but this car hasnt seen 500 miles in 10 yrs. its put it together drive it oh thats no fun change more...etc etc now its silly fast, stops on a dime but its still a sled around corners. my question is I dont drive it much id like it to handle roughly the same as my 03 mach 1 but dont want to drop a mountain of cash on what do you guys think? my thoughts are a 540 lb frt spring the stroker has aluminum heads but may get a modern a/c system in the future, shlby drop on the UCA a 1 to 1 1/8 front bar, rollerized has the factory power steering which was all rebuilt, the rear im looking at the heidts 4 link setup. I want to be a all around car, it will go to the strip and be street drivin, not a roadcourse car...but may see it once or twice. your input is appreciated, im getting back into this car after not touching it for a few yrs...thats how its been with this car...
  2. this can be accomplished, but you will need to spend a fair amount of money to achieve this goal. to start with the most bang for the buck is going to be best spent on the rear suspension. swapping to a torque arm suspension with coil overs will make a huge difference.

    for the front suspension, use a 1" front bar not the 1 1/8" front bar. the 540lb rate springs are a good choice.
  3. dropping the upper a arms 1 inch is one of the best changes you can make .