65 to 67 shock tower swap.

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  1. I have a 65 that I am getting ready to swap shock towers in. The lower control arms are longer on the 67 and so are the strut rods. I have those parts for the swap.

    Is there anyone here that has made this swap before and might be able to give me some insight? Is there anything that I do not see that would make this not work?
  2. why do you want to swap shock towers from a '67 into a '65?
  3. Supposedly you can fit a larger (351 and larger) engine by going this route. I supposedly because I have no first hand experience but have seen it done and that was the reasoning I was given.
  4. IMO it would be a lot easier to notch your existing shock towers rather than R&R them. Just my $.02
  5. I was told by a knowledgeable friend of mine that owns a Mustang shop that if you changed shock towers on a 65/66 that an FE would fit in the bay. A hood scoop would have to be used though. I've never seen it done though. Has anybody saw one?
  6. A 351 will fit in a 65-66 as it is. In fact, a Cleveland will fit in a 65-66.

    Swapping towers to fit a FE into a 65-66 is insane.
  7. If you want a WIDE engine in there, remove the shock towers and do a "mustang 2" suspension. The best setups are NOT using MII parts, but just some general geometry points. They seem to work well...as I am already committed to finding out. I wouldn't do this for a road course car [although Martz will debate this...and reportedly has some very good track cars using their version]...but for everyone else, it is a good solution.
  8. Man would I love to talk to your knowlegable friend.

    The reason for the swap is because I have a 351 block with raised port Trick Flow R heads. I have about 3/4 of an inch between the shock tower and the heads. No way to get headers in there unless I make room.
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  10. I have raised port heads on my 351. They raised the exhaust port until they are even with the A arm bolts. If I notch the shock tower, I have to move the A arm. That would screw with the suspension geometry.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. There is a part of me that agrees with you, and I may have to end up doing it. But I want to keep the Mustang look inside the engine compartment. I want the shock tower look. If it weren't for that I would look at the IFS kits out there. But until I run out of options on the swap, I am going to try to do it this way.

    Thanks again friend.
  12. Bump.

    Any Mustang geniuses out there today that can help?