65 Wiper Switch Terminals ? Connection

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  1. Ok, first of all I would like to thank Jetsetmantony for the info on the Heater Switch. Now I will try to explain my next problem. Ok I am trying to find out where certain rear terminals go to a single speed with washer wiper switch. I believe my old harness was connected to a single speed switch only because I only have 4 wires a blue, orange/black a black, and a white. On my diagram it shows a orange / white wire from the ignition switch accessories I cannot find it on the old harness anywhere it may have been cut off . Okay, my new harness is a Ron Frances and my question is I only have one wire a purple one that says wiper and it comes out of the fuse box not the ignition switch. The wiper switch I have has 7 terminals on the rear . The very top one is where the orange/ white wire should go if I had it and below that is where the blue goes, and down from it orange/black and down black and down white. Okay since I do not have the top orange/white wire does the purple wiper wire connect here top instead? and now I have two terminals left I assume they will connect to the wiper washer pump the one I have has two wires on it? Maybe a hot and the other a ground to the pump? I am sorry I probably got everyone very confused. To break it down I am wondering where the new purple wiper wire from the fuse box connects and what connects to the last two terminals . Thanks Very Much Everyone!!!!!!!!:shrug:
  2. OK, basically your generic Ron Frances harness has screwed you. The wipers use a discrete, separate harness, which you supplier has not thought to provide to you. The good news is you can simply buy one and plug it in.

    Or you can break out the wire cutters and soldering pencil and make one. Here's the schematic. Note that both the one-speed and two-speed are shown:

  3. Hi Darrel,

    First I have to say "your welcome", glad to assist. 2+2GT has provided you with thee Ford Illustration. Good 2+2GT, very helpful.

    Darrel you have written a very detailed report. What I have determined is this.

    1. You have a 2 speed windshield wiper switch. But do you know if you have a single or two speed windshield wiper motor? That's because you described the "7 terminal" lugs on the back, (which is for a two speed). One speed has only 5 terminal lugs. But you are missing the extra color coded wires for the 2 speed motor and the washer motor, and yes their is a ground wire on it.

    2. You have 4 wires: BL, OR/BLK, BLK, WH, and of course you are missing the O/W wire, (which is used on the single and the 2 speed switches). No wonder you're are having a tough time.
    Yes, you could be right, the O/W wire could have been cut, but it originates from the ignition switch and can be found somewhere in the harness, unless it has been totally removed or carelessly or precariously slashed/pulled off. Be sure to determine this.
    3. Were the wipers working anytime you have had your new Stang?
    4. Do you have a windshield washer/pump motor, located on the driver side inner fender side wall? It should be a BLACK wire on the pump if you have one. If it is there it would connect up to your "7 lug terminal at the back of your 2 speed windshield wiper switch.
    5. What do you think, someone might have put a two speed switch in and removed/severed the O/W wire from the ignition? Received the power from the fuse box somewhere, assuming that your windshield wipers were operating before your new wiring installation? Added a washer pump, but could make it work because they realized they need to connect extra wires to the 2 speed switch?

    6. The "purple" wire would go to the fuse, that's the way the new wiring harnesses install now.

    7. I'm thinking that if in fact the original wiring is for a single speed windshield wiper motor and the washer/motor pump was added later along with a 2 speed windshield motor switch, then, you can still use your 2 speed switch and your Ron Francis "PURPLE" wire would go to the top terminal, (replacing the missing O/W wire which you won't need any more. HOWEVER, maker sure that there isn't a O/W wire copper exposed anywhere! Look at the ignition switch because that's where it connected from that end to the wiper switch.

    8. Also, you would only need one wire directly from the washer motor to one of the other terminalswithout wiring from the washer motor to the switch it won't work. But check out the above first before addressing the washer motor.
    Check this out, but this is how I think it goes:

    Top to bottom of switch going down as you described with your original wiring/terminal lugs. Are there letter markings, i.e., a,b,c,d,e,f,g, on the back of the switch for each lug? I don't have a pic of the back side of the switch. If the back doesn't have a "lettering" for each terminal, you'll have to describe it to me, scan a hand drawing of the shape of the switch what color wire goes where, etc., or if you have the switch out, take a pic and post it. I have a lot of time on my hands to assist you. Your almost there if you haven't figured it on your own already.

    Back of wiper switch

    fuse box-----PURPLE------------- A
    wiper motor------BLUE---------------B
    wiper motor "ON"-----O/BLK------C
    wiper motor "PARK"---BLACK------D
    wiper motor GROUND-WHITE------E
    Although I believe I have the correct wires colors to functions, I am not so sure about the lettering terminal lug designations. So think it through before making the connections, okay?

    WIPER MOTOR: Does this wiring scheme hookup look like what you have? BL

    Let me know what you think, if this helps. It's late for me, so I'm going to get some rest and check back tomorrow.

    cheers, Tony
  4. Switch

    Thanks for the info guys, Ok I have found the missing Orange/White wire so I have five original wires . The previous owners have used anything they could find to make it work there was a single pole switch connected to the orange/white wire off of who knows what kind of vehicle and the washer pump is a white square plastic pump with a red wire and a black wire again off of who knows. The switch I have is a single speed with washer Motorcraft C5ZZ-17A553-C and it has seven terminals I checked with CJ Pony Parts. It says on the box manufactured in 1966 . So from the top terminal down now I will use the purple as hot then blue, orange/black,black,white and I will try to figure out how to connect the last two terminals will probably use the red wire and finish with the black as ground and HOPE . Thanks Everyone
  5. Hi Darrel, sounds like you made a breakthrough! I'm still curious though about how many wires/color code on the wiper motor. I'm going to check that Ford number you have on the single speed switch.

    The washer motor uses just one wire for power and the other is a ground. My original aluminum cased one, finally corroded and failed. I picked a replacement out of a Thunderbird when junk yards were all over the place for picking. I sprayed mine all black semi gloss. No more corrosion or cleaning, just a dust cloth. Well, another question. Are there alpha numeric raised letters to denote each terminal on the back side of the wiper motor switch?

  6. Hello again thanks 2+2 GT for the diagram and Jetsetmantony for the info. The back of the switch is not marked anywhere. I bought this online years ago from a gentleman who told be it would fit a 65 or 66 . The motor I have is a single speed it is wired just like the one to the right on the diagram. My son has an old 65 mustang and it has a one speed switch with only five terminals I went off of it to see how the wires go also. I called CJ Pony and the tect told me to wire it the same as the single speed but the last two terminals would go to the pump but he did not know which one . The pump I have is not original either it is a square white plastic with two wires a black and a red wire comming from it. I connected it to a battery black as ground and red on hot and it pumped great so I guess I will connect it to the last two terminals one terminal at a time and see if any will work to make the pump operate after I finally connect the battery to the car. The tect said that there should be no problem connecting the single speed switch with the single speed motor they should wire the same you just have to figure out how to connect the washer to the last two terminals to make it work that is where I am now. Thanks For The Help!!!!!!
  7. Sounds great Darrel!

    One wire from your washer pump goes to ground, the other goes to one of the two terminals left on the WW switch, the other one is not used since you have a single speed.

    I have a 2 speed and I will be going through the same trials and tribulations putting in a complete wiring harness as you are doing now. How's the condition of the windshield washer squirters/hoses? Please show us all some pics before you button everything up!