65 With 351w Questions

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  1. So I bought the car from a guy who took it on trade and it sat for 10 years and my questions are this

    Because of the swap the stock exhaust manifold does not fit, it rubs on the passenger fender and the driver side on the steering box,I. Wondering what headers should I use?

    I'm also wondering what size do rubber to wrap on my new rims, because do the weight from the 351 the car sags in the front, I tried putting coil spacers in but the ones I bought wouldn't fit, so I'm planning on buying a set of foose rims in a 16 or 17" and was wondering what size of rubber can I wrap them in to avoid that rub.
  2. summit sells a set from hedman headers in painted steel;


    the first thing you need to do is get the right back spacing wheels, as well as the right width wheels. as i recall a 17x7 wheel requires a back spacing of about 4.75", and a 245/45-17 tire fits on that wheel and has the right diameter to maintain speedo calibration.
  3. Thanks, right now I'm not to worried about speedo as I drove it all summer with nothing hooked up but the tac