66-69 Fastback Price Check

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  1. after doing some research over the internet on trying to how much a classic mustang can go for. I thought I would ask y'all. My dad and I want to go to an auction and bid on some cars. Does anyone know how much a 66-69 fastback mustang goes for at auction?
    I looking for a 289 or bigger block with a manual transmission. I would prefer not to get a mint condition one, because I do want to a few things to it. BUT I do not want a junkyard car.
  2. Any fastback is going to bring higher prices than coupes or even converts. It will depend on what has been done to the car and what the bidders are willing to bid.
    i personally would not buy one from an auction ,just to many fees .usually the seller pays a fee, the buyer pays a fee,then you have taxes and licensing .believe it or not i have had better luck on Craigs list.
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  3. For a good driver quality fastback 65-68 you'll be looking at low to mid 20s. This will be a car that is not in mint condition but is in good condition and could be a daily driver. 69s can be had for a bit less.

    My advice would be too look locally on Craigslist and eBay. Going to an auction is fine, but just know you'll have auction fees, etc. Make sure you look over all of the problem areas and that the car you buy (no matter project or mint condition) has a good solid body and frame.

    EDIT: Looks like Horse Sence and I are on the same page. He's just quicker on the posting than I! LOL
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  4. $6,000 for a 66 67 68 -- that is starter low ender. $10,000 hopefully drivable but not nice. Average condition with older rest -- $15,000.

    69? add $,5000 onto those numbers IMO
  5. montana has a lot of decent cars on CL -- in the spring, summer and gall. in the 66-68. SD can too.
  6. TX should have great cars, but may be more expensive???
  7. Yeah, 69s are a bit higher in price here in Cali. .You don't see them for sale as much as the earlier years either .The ones that are for sale are usually in bad shape and they want a small fortune for them.
  8. Thanks everyone for the help. My dad and I have just been watching the car auctions on tv lately and thought it would a cool idea to go and bid on some cars for my college graduation.
  9. I would really watch Montana -- over the years I have seen some really decent 66-68 in good condition for fair prices. Good luck and Happy Graduation!