Electrical 66 Ballast Resistor Location

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  1. Aloha, I am installing a Petronix III billet Distributor in my 66 fastback, however I need to wire it before the Ballast resistor under the dash, my problem is I can't find the little rascal. Does anyone know where it's located?

  2. There isn't one. That's a GM and Chrysler thing. Ford used a resistance wire. Easy to spot, it's the one with the rough pink insulation running from the ignition switch to the firewall. Don't cut it, that destroys the underdash wiring harness (cha-ching). Just bypass it. There's a plug near the ignition switch.
  3. Thanks 2+2GT,

    So, leave the Resistance wire intact and connect the RED Petronix wire directly to the ignition switch side of the plug?
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