66 convertible rear sway bar question

Nov 2, 2018
Attleboro, MA
New to Mustangs and the forum. I have a 66 convertible GT clone. I'm replacing the rear leaf springs with 1"drop springs. I've already replaced the front and rear shocks with Scott Drake shocks. I have new Scott drake 1" lowering contour shocks to go on the front. I will be replacing the upper and lower control arms at some point. I have a front sway bar but I will be upgrading to a 1" bar when I do the front.

Question is I Don't have a rear sway bar on the car and I would like to put one on. Did the factory hav eone for the 66? I can't seem to find anything from some of the larger parts places, IE NPD, CJ's. Before I go buy something like the ADDCO one, is there a factory one?

I plan on this car being a daily driver (weather permitting). I don't mind a stiff ride but I don't want a track/auto cross car.

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Nov 29, 1999
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They did not have one on the rear from the factory ,you can ad one from one of the mustang parts vendors