66 Coupe restoration pics!

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  1. Actually, its a GTO. Lol Just haven't put the grille emblem in it yet. We also did a full rotisserie restoration on that thing too That thing was also a big metal work project as well!
  2. nice work, like the box sub-frame connectors
  3. Hey guys, its been quite a while since I've updated this thread so here ya go. The motor has been run in at the engine builders but we are about the fire the beast up very soon. We've also been working on the body work for a little while and doin a "custom" rear valence and were very happy with the end results of that. It really cleans up the back end. We took some spare exhaust tubing we had and made tunnels for the exhaust and then welded them in and hammered the 1/4 inch "strengthening" hem on the bottom for a smoother look and had to extend each side out to match the quarters. These things fit horribly! It should be in polyester filler by Friday and then in prime next week! We can't wait to see this thing in color!

    The engine is a 331 stroker with Pro Comp heads. Should be good for at least 350 horse. We re used the stock trans but had our trans guy beef it up with a shift kit. We also put a nine inch posi unit in the factory 8 inch rear. We're hoping in will hold up to the new found power!

    The exhaust set up is MAC long tubes into a universal Pypes X pipe (which worked out PERFECT for us) into MAC mufflers and flowmaster tailpipes with 3 inch Magnaflow tips. We can't wait to hear this thing fire up.

  4. Man, You guys have done alot to it now.
  5. Wow, any idea of how many hours invested so far? This is clearly not your first rodeo.
  6. I've read bad things about polyurethane strut rod bushings. :shrug:

    Great work on the restoration!
  7. That is a mind boggling amount of work.

    Pretty amazing that these cars can be rebuilt from nothing more than a roof and B pillers.
  8. Incredible isn't it?
  9. this is a truely insperational build :jaw:
  10. Ok guys, after a couple months of blocking and sanding, the car is shot! The parts are being painted today and the car should be re-assembled next week! We feel the color is perfect for the car. This car is going to be a beast when its all done!
  11. Wow, that is turning out sweet!
  12. Yea were extremely happy with how its turning out. This car is gonna haul balls too.
  13. nice build. great color choice! i just picked up my 66 coupe two weeks ago. no rust. maybe they're brothers :D

  14. I like that color, and can't wait to see it all back together.
  15. Super job guys, that is the orignal color of my 66. Have not worked on it for about 7 months due to a variety of issues, but getting back to it now.

    What size wheels and tires did you go with? I am considering 15".

    I was going to change colors, but after looking over you car maybe... NOT!

  16. My thoughts on colors is that if you do change pick another classic color. They are all cool. Definitely go with 15 inch wheels, or at least not bigger than 16. What wheels are you considering?
  17. I like the magnum 500 wheels and then the wheels that are similar to 500's which have the wide spokes, forget the name of them.