66 Coupe restoration pics!

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  1. I would like to know what seats those are too, they look great.
  2. Yes, that is the standard interior. We went with the TMI Sport seats. They are VERY comfortable and give alot more support than the factory stuff. Our interior guy said they went together pretty easy.
  3. wow, major inspiration for my car. actually makes me want to complete it more, damn :\
    but, you guys didn't have to do any bracing other than the rotisserie? because i don't have one and won't be getting one and my 66 needs full quarters, trunk filler panel, most if not all floors (although I won't be getting the full formed set), cowl panel, at least the right frame rail and aprons set, and core support with those bolt-in angled braces and am pondering on how I'm going to need to brace this thing.
  4. Hi
    What vendor if I may ask did you get the seat covers from and the foams as well?
  5. We really didn't brace anything. I felt a little sketched out at first but everything lined up really nicely. The car took an alignment so she's good to go.

    And we got the foams and covers from Mustangs Unlimited.
  6. All i can say is wow!
  7. Just read the whole tread and i want to say a big thanks for the write up and showing the process of a complete rebuild with basicly nothing to begin on.
    What a fantastic build, i`m wondering how much $$$ such a build would be. Here in europe this is not payable.