66 Fastback project, need parts

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  1. Hi
    I bought a 66 Fastback shell a year ago and have worked on it since.
    All corrosion is now gone and a new engine (5.0) is ready to be installed. This car needs a lot of parts and it is starting to add up quite much.
    This is my first attempt to get parts through this forum, and I really hope it works.
    I need a complete Heating system, all the old stuff is gone.(along with most of the other dash parts)
    I also need the door hinge backing plates (door hinge mounting plates)

    If anyone could direct me or have these parts for sale, I would be grateful.


    Wichita Falls, TX
  2. I have a bunch of 66 dash parts send me a list of what you are looking for and I will send pics of the parts.
  3. Heater Parts

    Don't know if you got the parts you need, but I am located in Amarillo. I do have a lot of good used parts.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.