66 Fastback

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  1. Hey guys; I bought a 66 fastback from out of state and before I can get the car in my name it must be inspected by a law officer.This is a basket case 6 cyl and he needs three spots where the vin is located.Anyone know exactly where? Thanks
  2. The numbers are sometimes hidden in putty under the fender flange. You will have to remove the fenders to find them .One of them is visible in the window that is cut into the driver side fender on the front apron.There is another one hidden right beside it under the fender . The door tag will have the vin on it as well.
    In Cali. we have to have two for verification ,we use the one visable on the fender apron and the door tag ,even though the door tag says ...for warranty purposes only.
  3. This is the first Mustang I am building,have a 65 fastback but this 66 will be the first build and mine will be almost as extensive as yours so for me this will be a mountain.I am sure I will need more direction and from the projects you are involved in I'm sure you have the answers.Thanks for the answers so far and if I ask too much feel free to tell me.Again thank you!!!
  4. Ask away .
  5. I have a San Hose built 65 fastback (November 64) and there are 3 VINs on the fender aprons. I have 2 on the DS in the same location as Horse Sense mentioned but I also have a 3rd located on the passenger side apron about 4 inches toward the rear of the car from the shock tower center line. You would need to remove the fender to see it.

    Hopefully all your engine bay metal is original. Good luck.
  6. That is the problem the top number on the driver side is ok and I have the door tag on the driver door but the others have been rusted away and changed by the previous owner when he put new metal on it
  7. the numbers on the driver front apron will have another right beside it under the fender ,but i am not sure if they will accept the numbers being on the same panel. It is technically two numbers and with the door tag that would make three.
    But you know how the government is.:crazy:
  8. Yep I sure do!I will try to get this resolved before I start the rebuilding process.Just another setback but this could be a high hurdle!!!