66 mustang fastback glass-roof

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I recently got motivated to finish a project that has been almost ten years in the making. All the puzzle pieces are finally starting to fall into place and the project is now more feasible. I have contacted Nelson Michael to make me some preliminary sketches of a new mustang body based on the iconic 66 fastback. Your critique and constructive criticism is welcome, but it will not be for everyone. It is always tough to keep the classic lines while updating the feel. It needs to be a 66 fastback with some updated touches. That being said, the side and 3/4 views will come when I have paired the front and rear that I like. These designs are simply concepts and can be mixed, matched, or scrapped completely. On a side note it has been a pleasure working with Nelson and I hope anyone with a desire to get sketches and work done will consider him. Take a look and let me know.


  2. that is very interesting! i have to say i am a fan of the bottom two fronts as well as the bottome two rears. can't wait to see how this comes along for you!
  3. Prospective of the rear. still need to bring down the diffusers a bit and integrate a liscense plate but we are getting closer.

  4. Wow, I really love these concepts! Do you have a website or some contact information for Nelson Michael?
  5. The 3rd front one looks alright. I don't care for the lower front side scoops on the others. As for the chin spoiler, a thin one looks best. That would look good with or with out fog lights on the grille. I have to say that I do not like any of the rear bumpers/valances.
  6. X2, 3rd front and none of the rears.
  7. Thank You

    Thanks for the comments guys, I'm Nelson. I don't think customsfactory knew I was keeping an eye on this one, but I'm sure he won't mind if I post a few responses.

    To tx65coupe, and blown65, your honest opinions are greatly appreciated, I'm always enthused when someone is blunt, though I would like to hear reasoning behind these opinions, and suggestions. That's cool you don't like the rears, why? and what would you do different? Keep in mind it's a radical custom, most of the elements are intended to be functional...hence the front air intakes, this car is definitely going to need them. That's the challenge of design, form follows function, and by providing a decent critique will further enhance the design.

    To adr3naline, and anyone else that would like to know, I currently do not have a website, though I can be reached at [email protected]

    Thanks guys, and keep them coming! I'm currently working on the front 3/4 view, so hopefully there will be an update shortly! :nice:
  8. The rear air difuser thing just looks like it belongs in a fast and furious movie.

    The same is true of the lower side scoops on the front. As far as the front scoops go, some more sublte ones might be ok.

    The idea of a flush fitting chrome bumper is pretty cool. I would like to see that done. A flush front bumper might be cool too. I would have to see it done to decide, but those both have great potential.

    I also do not care for the center exhaust idea. I really don't like having it exit through the bumper area. If it came out through the valance that could be a good look, depending on how it is done.
  9. Awesome, that's what I like to hear. I can understand the complaint on the diffuser, it's challenging to get one to look good on such an iconic car, I'll see what I can do with it. I can also understand your opinion on the center mount exhaust, it does disturb the bumper, especially if it's chrome. Some aspects though are more challenging than others, like I said about the vents in the front...the car needs them, I doubt a subtle approach would be functional. One of the design challenges customsfactory gave me was "A subtle European sports car look". If the front end reminds you too much of Fast and the Furious, then I'll give 'er more thought.

    Thanks man!:cheers:
  10. I dunno, the 3rd front is very similar to stock but slightly modernized I guess. #1 & 4 front with the little fog lites kills it for me. LOL #2 front with the huge guppy looking air inlets looks out of place.

    The rears are all too much for me. Way over the top, kinda vette/viper look. Just not feeling the rear.

    I say the last rear without the diffusor would be ok. Center exhaust looks interesting, but I cant see how that will look good. Flush bumper is nice.

    Love the drawings though. Really wish I could do stuff like that. Really difficult sometimes cause whats on paper looks alot different once into paint and you get a better 3D view of it.
  11. Thanks for your additional comments blown65, and thanks for the compliments too. It's cliche to say this, but I've been drawing since toddler years haha.

    The round turn signal/fog light combo is pretty sweet, though I wanted to shy away from the traditional round light..I feel working with the actual shape of the car would be more "Designerly" I will still take that into consideration though, I'm up for trying anything.

    Again, thanks for the elaboration. Some people don't understand that just telling me they don't like it, doesn't help.
  12. Hey guys,

    Louie's been real busy with work and such, so I'll update this round.

    Here's the front view after we discussed what we liked about each... To match the rear, I've altered front view 2, by widening the lower grille opening to where it meets the edge of the upper grille, and shortened all the grille openings to make for a bigger bumper. Same optional chrome bumper applies, I'm not sure what he'll decide on.

    He wants to start modeling these soon, hopefully, we'll do some side elements too!

    enjoy, and please, send feedback!

  13. That looks good, but I don't care for the lower vents on each side where the parking lights go. I still like the 3rd picture at the top the best. The lower grille opening would look better if it were reversed so that it was more open on top and less open on the bottom.
  14. You are a very talented artist. You make me want to break out my charcoal.

    I like the 3rd front best. I like the large vents in #2 like a Lambo. The lower air intake in #3 looks great. I think the front spoinler could be a little more agressive.
    The updated front looks a little pointed. The lower air intake flares out at the bottom quite a bit. Perhaps you could flare it the other way, I like the looks of a huge grill split by the bumper.
    I dont care for the split in the vents. Any thoughts on a little hood scoop?

    I am a big fan of the diffusor, rear #1, but I never liked the one center tailpipe on any car. I dont really like side exit pipes either.

    I hope Im not to critical. I really like all your drawings.
  15. Too critical? Nahh

    The Lamborghini was one of my design references, afterall, he did want a subtle European Sports car look...Italian? ha.

    I totally see what you are saying with the bottom grilles, I could really give it a good undercut, kinda like if I was to wrap it under the car instead of it jutting out. And the split vents are they way they are to match the rears, little details like that he may or may not model, I'm not sure yet.

    I like rear 1 too, along with number 3, center mount exhaust was totally my doings, I don't mind them as long as they don't look like VW Beetle hahaha But thanks for your compliments man!

    tx65coupe, thanks for your compliments too man.

    At this point, I think I have on paper what he likes, so unless he wants more, this is where the design work stands..I'm hoping we get around to doing some hood work and some side detail.
  16. I like this rear the best, but would want round exhaust tips. The rectangles just look too GMish for my liking.
  17. nice stuff.

    i like the "3rd" front option & the center exhaust rear. the diffuser looks better spread out & thinner. im a fan of center exhaust!
  18. Thanks for your replies guys!

    66fstbk, I like center mount exhaust too! It gives it the "Dare to be different" aspect.

    Keep them coming! :cheers:
  19. The center mounted exhaust looks terrible. I like the first rear picture the best but with out the center exaust of the diffuser. There must be something else that can be done that doesn't look so "tuner".