66 mustang fastback glass-roof

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  1. tx65coupe, You enjoy pushing your views huh? haha

    I can understand why you dislike the center exhaust and the "Tuner" look. You have to remember what my influences were, I told you it was a European influence, the tuner look kinda goes hand in hand with it....

    Here's a copy and pasted email from my client...

    I think I did pretty good at meeting the requirements of my client...afterall, it's his car, and even though he didn't know what he wanted at the time, he has an idea now...

    At any rate, you should feel relieved that he's chosen an exhaust layout that's not centrally mounted haha (Atleast that I know of)....66fstbk and I were just sharing our love for the center mounted exhaust...:D
  2. To each his own. When paying big bucks for a custom job, what ever the customer wants is what the customer should get. Personally, I'm with him/her in going with a non-center exhast layout. Now, if I had big bucks to spend on a custom job, I might go with something like this. (Sorry, but I took a few photoshop liberties with one of the designs.)

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  3. That last picture looks alot better.

    Just because something has European influence doesn't mean it has to resemble a tuner.
  4. I don't mind a few photochops here and there, just please don't make it a habit. I could have easily done it too to prove your point.

    While it works (and works well), it's cliché, and I didn't want it cliché. I hope you understand.

    ..and I agree tx65coupe, I didn't say that, I was just correlating.

    Again, thanks for your input. I wanted to ask if you guys are a part of any other forums? I have a few sketches I'm doing for another project, and it's always good to receive feedback, (If the owner allows me to post).

  5. I'm on mustangforums.com too.
  6. I understand completely. Like I said, to each his own. What the customer wants, the customer should get, especially when paying big bucks for a custom job. Some of us just sort of like cliché.

    If pics/sketches are posted, then expect it. It comes with the territory. That’s why it’s called a “talk” (i.e., “discussion”) forum. I ment no offense to any of the designs or the designer, just expressing my own preferences. :)
  7. If pics/sketches are posted....respect it. While I didn't take offense to the act of photoshoping, I took offense to that little statement. If I would have threw in the copyright would you have done it? (Probably). I respect everyone's comments and criticism, designers should. On the same note, when you say something like "(Sorry, but I took a few photoshop liberties with one of the designs.)", and I respond by asking you to not make it a habit, I would hope you would obey my request, and not tell me that I should expect it. In fact, I wouldn't have even said anything if you wouldn't have apologized for it, like you knew it would offend. So yea, it's a respect thing.

    But yea, talking about cliche....I still like cliche stuff, I was even sketchy (no pun intended) on doing some of the sketches, I had to open myself up on this project. It was a fun experience.

    Thanks guys.

    Oh, and I was asking about "other" forums, not stictly Ford or Mustang based.