66 mustang fastback, like no other

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  1. hope that got your attention I am new to this site thought you guys might like to see the fastback I am building right now.
    you can view it at hotrodsrestos.com, would like to hear what you think. stangnetpicrosie.jpg
  2. Looks good to me I like it.
  3. Not my cup of tea, I don't mind a little restomoding but I like the cars the way they are.
  4. Wow! While I do associate heavily with hot rodders, that car even took me back a little. An incredible amount of engineering. With the amount of HP that car is going pump, that chassis is justifiable.
  5. Looks like a lot of work, the rims are too big for me . You do have some fat rubber under there though :nice:

    What turbos/how much boost? Should be a badass car when your done!
  6. Geez! I just spent a pile of time on your site and reading the forum gonzo posted and just realized you are in Delta! I didn't think anybody outside of the Okanagan was buiding cars to that level! Are there any plans in the works to have them shown locally? Perhaps the Langley show, or is an outdoor venue out of the question?
  7. might bring the mustang to the tradex show at the end of the month, if it works out with the scheduling. I usaully make it to alot of shows in the area with the cars indoor and outdoor, langley days we were at with a couple of them, the Vette gets driven alot and is seen all over the Vancouver and lower mainland area, as soon as the weather starts to cooperate it will be on the streets agian.
  8. Wow, that is a lot of nice work going on there, although I'm not a big fan of "rubber band" tires on classics, or for that matter on any real car. :nice:
  9. I love it! what is the wheel/tire size?
  10. Yikes

    A mustang in name it is, however this is not your average stang. I like restomod as well, however this is resto-re-engineer.

    Good luck with it. I look forward to seeing the final product.

    The real question is will it have a working original parking brake!!!1:rlaugh: :rlaugh: :lol:

    Now thats High tech!
  11. hey there the fronts are 19x12.5 wide with 305/25-19 and the rear is 20x14 with 345/25-20. I know that alot of people dont seem to like the big wheels but that is what is needed to be able to pull over 1 G on a skid pad. I realize that the closest thing you can calll what I build is RESTOMOD but there is nothing resto about it it is designed to be able to try and out perform just about anything that it comes across. The hard part is to also make it a showable car that can rival most trailer queens. The car is going to be equipped with a 5000 watt system and full onboard PC system. I realize this is not for everyone but I don not expect everyone to like it and that is cool there is alot of things that I feel people do to their cars that is not cool to me but that is the great thing you have to like it not me so do what you want to ........cant we all just get along..........LOL
  12. Ohyah Bascom you say that like the factory one actually works........LOL
  13. The engineering is awesome, but those loud whatever you call them that go boom, boom hurt my ears so bad, someday I expect to have a ruptured ear drum from them, especially when they're in the back of me. You may have young ears that can take that, but us old farts are very sensitive to that decibel levels.
  14. Where does it say you need 19" or 20" wheels to pull over 1g?

    Not my cup 'o tea but I envy your fab skills.
  15. Nice work!!! Can't wait to see the final product!!!
  16. The 19's and 20's don't bug me. However, IMO the design of the rims is critical. It's a common trend these days for the hot rod crowd. Hell, most lifted trucks are now running 20's. 2 years ago, no one was doin' that.

    I like the vintage look too. It's just a different theme. Modern vs Vintage to some is the same as Heaven vs Hell, Chevy vs Ford etc, etc.

    Call me a whore, but I like most cars out of the 50-60's era. While I appreciate stock restos, I tend to prefer the hot rods.
  17. 12.5 and 14 inch wide?!?
  18. yea 18 is as big as id want to get