66 mustang fastback, like no other

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  1. I applaud your design and thinking out of the box.At a local show this weekend i had a bunch of old schoolers pick apart my car.Why the need for the big tires, big stereo or bright color. But as long as the keys are in my pocket, they can kiss my a** with their stories of the car they has with 15" wheels and 8 track stereo's.Its really frustrating to have people pick apart what YOU have because they think having the coolest car at the local dairy queen makes it a hot rod.

    Again nice work, your gonna make a nice addition to the word "restomod" and raise the bar for the rest of us:hail2:
  2. Your car rocks pretty good too, iskwezm!
  3. thanks, it about 18 years of off/on work and I can tell you I have my own stack of parts because people talked me out of this or that, which i went and did over anyway.SO people should just do what THEY like, because in the end its your money and the keys are in YOUR hands:nice:
  4. I feel your pain...I respect the numbers oem crowd and they need to do the same for those who restomod, modify, or pro-tour; whatever you wish to call it. Time changes tastes and the cars evolve with that as well, but "those old farts" sometimes don't. I would rather have a car I can drive hard without fear than a trailer queen that breaks down the cheap oem/repro correct stuff every time you take it around the block. What gets to me the most is when I see threads 30+posts long titled: "Should I stay with 14" wheels or get wild with 15's?". Another one is "will 205/60/14's fit on my car?":mad:

    Don't get me wrong, my personal preference for limits on wheel size is 18" or 17" for 65-66 Mustangs. I also enjoy seeing a correct car once in a while, especially when somebody else owns them because it won't be me. :nice:
  5. Thank-you Iskwezn for your comment, I have no problem aswell as to people going stock or what ever they want to do to their car. I actually have to say i am getting a little tired of hearing about the size of tires that people like on their mustang. I honestly dont care if they like to put lawn tractor tires or 24 inch tires on their car. I do have one thing to say Chip Foose put 20 and 22 inch tires on a mustang and no one had anything to say about it because it is Chip Foose. I applaud you for building what you want and not caring about what others have to say, I tried but could not see any pics of your car but the little one in your post. I think I am going to go out to the shop and raise the car 4 inches and install 17 inch wheels so it can be the most popular almost stock mustang on the roads............LOL NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually I get a kick out of the fact that so many people think the car is toooo low and it actually has 5 inches of ground clearance at the lowest point under the car. I would bet that most mustangs on this site have something under their car that is lower than 5 inches off of the ground. Just my two last cents....
  6. cant agree with you more:nice:
  7. Anyone who says my Mustang is not "correct", will get an earful!! "Correct" is defined by the person whose name is on the title!! No one else. (And I've owned Mustangs since 1964, so I guess I'm an OF!)

    Incidentally, that's why my Mustang's nickname is "MCA 0".
  8. That's going to be one badass machine. :nice:
  9. I must say, you have some great Fab skills. I can't wait to see the car finished.... What hood are you going to use? What does your running gear consist of? I like change, it's what keeps us all going and looking for better way's or idea's. No matter what anyone has to say, they will never understand how much work, love, devotion, blood, sweet or tears are involved on your car. If they don't like it, they can build their own to there specs. Keep us posted.:nice:
  10. Thank you very much. I will tell you a little about it, as soon as I get time I will list all the spec for the car on my site. 427 sbf, twin turbo, air to liquid intercooled with Motec fuel managment. Richmond 6 speed, CWI quick change independent rear, Art Morrison IFS front end and Morrison custom bent frame rails to my spec. Molly cage,motor set back over 12 inches, 19x 12.5 fronts with 305/25-19 and 20x 14 rear with 345/25-20. Car has 5 inches graound clearance with a belly pan, and is 48 inches to roof at ride height. hope that keeps you informed a little till we update the site. Thanks again and I appreciate you wanting to follow the build of the car. Our goal is to have it at SEMA this year.
  11. lots of work and $$ in there and looks like it is going to be a great machine when finished.

    Classified as a mustang though...debateable :)
  12. where did u get the body for this thing?
    im makin one myself
  13. SSssooooooo Coooooool

    WOW Hotrodsresto's that car is OVER the top sooo much coooooool stuff man thats nice you did yourself proud on this project.I love it!!!WB3:nice: