66 Mustang Front Suspension Rebuild

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  1. If I wanted to cut the car up I'd just buy the Griggs stuff and be done with it.
  2. We could work out a deal where you sell our roller perches with your kit.
  3. I just purchased the CCP deluxe kit and the Opentracker Roller Spring Perches, with GT coil springs. Not installed yet but in the shop now. I tired the Grab a Track system (actually spending more with all the "add ons") Handled great, but way too stiff, made the whole car rattle, and the bump steer was unacceptable. I drive my car on the weekends to shows and seldom on the track, so I wanted to try a different approach. I also purchased the TCP power rack. I plan on driving from North Texas to the 45th in Alabama and want to be safe and comfortable. BTW its a 65.
  4. Well, I just pulled the trigger and ordered the following items from Opentracker:

    Opentracker Street Upper arms
    OpentrackerStreet Lower arms
    Opentracker Roller spring perches
    Steering kit with roller idler arm
    Opentracker Adjustable (Roller) strut rods
    1 1/8" front sway bar kit
    Monte Carlo Bar
    Export Brace
    Shelby drop template

    I'll be using new 620 coils I have and KYB shocks that I have that are reasonably new. Any tips on the installation would be appreciated.

    Thanks for all the advice above that go me this far.
  5. need ideas for rebuilding 66 front end

    hey I have a 66 coup and need to replace the upper and lower arms and some bushings. I have been looking at the grab a track Performance Suspension Rebuild Kit is this a good idea or not?
  6. it just depends on what you want to do. THere are a lot of options. i built my own. here is the thread.


    i think the grab a track is expensive for what you get. but its a direct bolt in a will ride good. but it still didnt address the design flaws of the stock suspension. the main issues are teh rubber bushings everywhere especially the k-strut. the worst design has to be the positive camber gain under compression, hence the shelby drop.

    i see your new. and you got the search function under control. that will be a great starting point to gain knowledge so you can ask some specific questions.