'66 Mustang Quarter Panel Extensions

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  1. Has anyone blended the quarter panel extensions with the quarter panels on a '64.5 - '66 coupe? I'm curious what is the best way to blend them together? Just weld them up or tighten them down and use filler or epoxy putty? anyone have any pics?

    I'm also planning on blending the panel between the decklid and backlight as well..
  2. the quarter extensions are pot metal and can not be welded to the quarter. and they usually crack when bonded . they just dont have enough mounting surface for bonding .they may look good for a while until some one push on them but just vibration will eventually cause them to crack. the back strip can be filled but it would be best to weld the seam as body flex will cause it to crack as well.
  3. I float the fender extensions (front & back) into the fender.
    Use fiber strand bondo to fill the gap first. Before each pass of filler, take them off and clean up the mating surfaces.
  4. I used filler then block sanded the panel and extension. Carefully use a sharp knife to cut between the two. Once removed, lightly sand each side to radius the edges
  5. I used a two part epoxy on both sides of some fiberglass cloth, then used the factory studs/nuts, and some everglass to smooth them in. I did the same with the rear valance to the quarters.
    I don't have a real good close up of that area, but this is a good side shot.
  6. I like the clean look. Wouldn't mind doing that to my 69 someday.
  7. Much to think about... sure don't want it cracking, and good to know it can't be welded.
  8. Been thinking about it, and I still have some lead-free body solder left over from the quarter panel install.. think that will work with the pot metal extensions to quarter panels?
  9. Bonding the two together no matter what method you use, will still result in cracking later down the road.
  10. solder will not work with pot metal
  11. I did this on my 64 1/2 coupe love the look I also blended the quarter in to the panel what ever its called in front of the trunk lid smooth lines. I would use some under coating behind it and then make sure you use a good seal of it to pretect from moister so no rust gets behind and then. J.B weld it on the back side on to the car then when that's done use job weld on the facia part of it as well I'd use the epoxy j.b weld be generous with it kneed it well. If you have to get a cheap metal spreading knife from homedepot in paint the same time you get the j.b and then go at it. I also fixed my door jamb with jb. The shop that had started to do a quarter on my car when they cut it off seance I was doing partial quarters no need for the partial roof. They actually cut into my door jamb and cut the corner off the top. When I showed them they were dumb founded and though the quarter would cover it when I showed them it wouldn't I got pissed they didn't care and said a big fu. And that shop came highly rated. Funny enough I was gonna do them just didn't have a chance then next schedule I had four days off so i cut off my own and welded new one in

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  13. That looks pretty good Robert nice job. I know that a big restoration shop that only does mustangs that's here in salt lake does the jb route
  14. the 66 end caps are a little different than the 65 end caps .the outer edge is thicker on the 66 by quite a bit . the 64-65 is only a thin edge and twists and bows very easily. use the 66 when ever possible to find them. i have actually bent the 66 caps to make them fit better ,you can do it if you are careful. i have shaved the side of the 66 cap with a flapper sander wheel to fit them to the body if you do not have to remove to much material .this one is for my 66 FB. conversion.i sanded them to fit . there is no bondo on either the caps or the quarter just sanded to fit and you do not have to worry about them cracking later. 67 and up have the thicker edge so they can be sanded to fit ,make sure you fit the trunk lid at the same time _MG_3881.JPG _MG_3883.JPG _MG_3886.JPG _MG_3884.JPG
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  15. Thats good to know... Im just working with what i got.... LOW budget...lol
  16. What about using Muggyweld 'super alloy 1' solder? Anyone tried this yet?