66 Mustang Warning Ticket From DMV..rear quarters rotted

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  1. No Inspections in Indiana :D
    Hey I have to find something to brag about..
  2. Well good, I'm very happy now and will sleep better. I look very forward to following along on your cars progress!

    We all started somewhere, none of us were born with knowledge of the Stang. Well some of these old farts around here may have been! I'm a designer by nature and jack of all trades master of none with a little skill and lot's of common sense.

    I wanted a 69' Stang since I was 16. It took me another 16 years after that to finally own one. I spent 2 years researching them inside and out and questioned this board to death 6 years ago when I finally made my purchase after checking out over 2 dozen cars. I still learn something new every day but I have retained all that this group has ever taught me and come back now simply to pay it forward.

    BTW, seriously do the cowl test, it takes 2 seconds and speaks volumes.
  3. Additionally i have no regrets buying the vehicle. On the initital pictures everyone thought it was beautiful, and after peeling back the skin people have varied opinions. I still think it is beautiful and I strongly believe that.

    Just to go around the board....if you were in the position to buy this current vehicle would you....and if so how much would you plan on buying it for.

    And like some have said throwing NADA guides into the matter....their are several guides out their with varied results, higher and lower than illustrated. Additionally some even rate by condition. These guides are only used as a median of information to go by. It points consumers in the right direction.

    Well just was curious to see what others thought of the car/
  4. Since you asked then I'll be honest, if this was the model car I wanted and it was my first time in the hobby, I would have walked away. But if I were to consider it I would have paid maybe $3000 tops. As I said after I knew the model I wanted I walked away from over 2 dozen cars. I almost bought the first one I saw as I had stars in my eyes and a dream to fulfill! I even looked at some 68's and 70's during momments of desperation. Fortunatley the great and sorrowfully missed SuperDave slapped some sense into me and saved me from making the biggest mistake of my life. She was a looker no doubt, I thought she was beautiful and she had every option shy of a 428CJ I had hoped for right down to the color, but the beauty was skin deep. It was like meeting a beautiful girl at a club, taking her home and seeing what she looked like without the makeup the next morning. Cosmetics are cheap, heart and soul are what matter. Was it a fixable car? Sure. Is yours? Sure. But for the new enthusiast with limited knowledge, ability and funding, a total restoration project is not the best way to start out in this unless your plan is to not use the car for years to come. I don't remember what number quote this one was from SD (I'm sure Jester does though) but "you should always start out with the best car you can afford"!

    As for the whole value guide you are right they are just that, a guide. Every classic car is worth exactly what someone is willing to pay for it, I think folks like Barrett Jackson and Unique Performance have proven that again and again. Ebay is notorious as well to promote bidding wars on cars that are not worth the final sale price, look at Larry's links for proof. It is not uncommon for many folks to put way more into their cars then they will ever get out, it's about emotion, not reason. But life has proven way before cars were ever conceived that there is also one born every minute.
  5. Update

    ** UPDATE ***
    Apparently no body shop can just seal it and patch it for me :(, nor can they do the work. They have told me to bring it to a welder. Now i am looking at a hefty charge to do the rear side right and make it solid throughout.

    I have a price and now have to wait...ouch....
  6. Mic,

    I know the DMV says it has to be done by a liscenced shop, but are they really going to care? If they say it can be bondoed or fiberglassed why don't you just get a fiberglass kit. The kit is under $20 and the same stuff any shop is going to use. If that's all you need to do to get your car registered, fill a few holes, then just fill them. It's not hard. Let it dry, rubberize undercoat, then flat black it, your on the road, DMV is happy, your happy, everyone is happy. Sounds simple to me.
  7. Well its simple because after the repairs are done by a licensed shop they have to sign my DMV slip...i cannot do the work on my own...
  8. I am sorry to hear this micjoe, I was really hoping that you would skate through for now and be able to do it right later. Nothing can feel worse than having your dream car and not being able to drive it. Safety should come first though and even if you could do a patch job to sneek by it would still not be as safe as a solid car. I shuuder sometimes to think what could have happened if my quarter was not soild when I got hit.

    When you save up to have the work done finally make sure everything gets the once over as it would be cheaper to do it all at once since as you say the repair is a hefty charge. I had a bad feeling that an unregistered car with pretty cosmetics was exactly going to turn out this way and I am sure it was all intentional on the sellers part as he likley did like not the look of the cost of repairs either and it was cheaper to unload it.

    Good luck, we will all be watching with interest and help any way we can.:nice:
  9. BTW Joe, did you ever do the cowl test we suggested? It is very important that you do this? Are you storing the car somewhere insdie for the Winter? If not and the cowl is bad too it will not be a happy spring for you.

    You never mentioned where you live, are you still in the RI/Mass area? If so even though I am in Southern NH my wife and I travel to the Atleboro area at least once or twice a month to visit friends/family and I would be more than happy to meet up with you and go over some things with you if you like and help you to get to know your car better. Just send me a PM if you want and we can arrange something.
  10. No disrespect intended, but I'm having a very hard time believing that DMV has the authority to force you to have it repaired by a shop. I'd go back and talk to the DMV, tell them you want to fix it yourself. You may just have to fill out some other form.
  11. I agree. They can't force you to do something that the average shmoe can do on their own. I'm not trying to be negative here. I would like to see you take some initiative, its your car. Talk is cheap, lets see some action.

    SSgt McGrath
  12. I know the Attlboro area very well. I wish that I could come down to check out your Mustang. It looks really nice in the pictures.
    I would like to know WHY the Massachusetts Department of Motor Vehicles is being so picky about rust. I know for a fact that Massachusetts Inspection Laws require that you "cover up" any holes or missing panels on any car that has rust that has eaten thru the panel or if part of the panel is missing. And you can do it yourself. No body person is needed to "cover up" any rust holes or any partially missing panels.
    I once owned a 1977 Mercedes 300 SD that had the rocker panel missing on the driver's side. All that I did was put some duct tape over the rocker panel to cover up the missing rocker and the car passed insoection. You should be able to easily fix everything yourself with fiberglass and some bondo. That's what I would do.
  13. Coming from another rust prone state, I don't understand the reason to require a professional shop to complete the repairs unless the car is considered to be structurally unsafe.

    I wonder if the problem is deeper than just the body panels. Frame rust?
  14. To ALL:
    Well here is the thing...I live in Connecticut and bough it in Mass. When i went for a VIN inspection...he noticed the rot under the driver side near back tire...He never walked and looked under the vehicle this was only and EYE to car observation.

    Additonally i did fight it with the Commissioner, and they state the repaires, must came from a licensed dealer and i could not do the work myself and sign off on it.

    If i did not comply they would suspend by registration and fine me 50$ and it has to be done within 20 days.

    Pakat...if you are in the area and are interested in the respect to mustangs, yeah maybe we could meet up one day...sounds good.

    More pics when repairs are done...thanks to all who care to look over this topic.

    Additionally....the cowl test i did not have time to conduct this test...when vehicle is back after waiting the 2-4 weeks when the can look at it and then repair will execute that test. I let the SGT know that it is being worked on and he is allowing me an extension...i hate connecticut....all stupid laws.

    i also collect real scorpions, which is illegal in CT, not MASS or RI< but you gussed it CT> Lucky me.
  15. Joe, North or south Connecticut? I don't get that way too often but once my car is back on the road this spring I may be stretching it's wings on some cruises so who knows. I'd love the opportunity to check it out and help any way I can.

    Definitely take 10 seconds to pour water into the cowl as soon as you can. Like you said, it would suck to go thru this just to have the next step in the inspection yield yet another issue.

    If you plan on keeping this car then start putting aside play money now because this is just the tip of the iceberg my friend, few cars that actually get driven are ever truely considered to be done. There is always something to fix. If you are interested in doing some cosmetic stuff yourself too like say cleaning up the engine bay then I can provide you with all kinds of write ups on how to do it yourself and save the cash where you can.
  16. Pakat,
    Outside of hartford, CT...In addition their will not be another inspection. According to the SGT have repairs made and mail slip back to them and that is it.
  17. I've been digging through the CT DMV website trying to find anything that fits your situation. The only thing I come up with is this:

    "No inspection will be performed if the title documents are marked "not safe for the road, junk, etc." A letter from a licensed dealer or repairer is required stating that repairs have been made and the vehicle is now safe for the road."

    Did the original title have any "not safe ..." type statements on it?
  18. Did the original title have any "not safe ..." type statements on it???

    Negative...the vehicle was bought out of state and a vin inspection was required that is why it is their, but according to them they can write warning tickets as needed if they see anything wrong with the vehicle...a formal inspection was never done.

    Additionally, their was no title for the vehicle, just a RI registration.
  19. Hey MicJoe,
    I got a friend of mine that lives down by your way in Manchester, CT who owned a 1987 Acura Legend. He purchased the car used in Massachusetts and a few years later moved down to CT for work. He owned the Acura from 1995 to 2005. His car developed a lot of rust towards the last few years of ownership to the point where he had rot and rust holes chipping away on his rocker panels, quarter panels, upper exterior wheel well panel and lower doors.

    He NEVER had a hard time with the DMV in CT with this particular car passing inspection. His car was on the road all the way up until he donated it just last January 2005.

    I remember seeing the way the body looked on his Acura and it had a LOT of rust on it. And I mean a LOT of rust. The top part of the exterior rear wheel well panels (on the rear quarter panel) was all rotted away and parts of that particular panel was chipped off. Also, the lower part of the rear quarter panels and doors were rotted with holes in them.

    With all this rust occurring on his vehicle, he never was told by the DMV in CT to do any repairs to his vehcile. I think that the DMV is giving you a hard time for nothing. It sounds like the DMV wants to milk you for money or that they do NOT know what they are doing by telling you that you will need to repair the rust problems on your vehicle.
    My friend with the rusted out and rotted 1987 Acura Legend was NEVER told by the DMV that he needed to do any rust repairs on his Acura for the length of time that he owned it and was driving it in CT for the last 6 years. And his car had a LOT of rust on it. So, I don't know how the DMV in CT is telling you that you will need to fix the rust on your Mustang? It sounds like the DMV does NOT know what they are doing.
  20. God I hate vague rules like that! So the inspector gets to stick it to you based on his (or her) mood-of-the-day. In other words, your inspection results could very well depend on whether the inspector “got any” last night.

    Long ago, when real inspections were required, my 72 coupe failed with the inspector insisting that my side parking lights were supposed to alternately blink along with the turn signals. I insisted they were not designed to do that, but he would hear none of it. I tossed the repair ticket, went to a different DMV the next day, paid for a new inspection and that was the end of it.