66 Mustang Warning Ticket From DMV..rear quarters rotted

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  1. yeah i should have went to a diff. dmv i think it is BS.
  2. Update i love it, after i told them yes to the work and confirmed they have my number. I called them today after 2 weeks...oh we lost you number:
    well it seems someone glued the carpet down, we will try not to ruin it or u may need a new carpet later, WTF. Crap, so i hope they dont mess it up, wish me luck
  3. There shouldn't be any carpet in the trunk.......

    I think there is some miscommunication here. What exactly are they doing? Where is this carpet?
  4. They stated they need to take out seats all interior, and carpet, isnt the carpet glued down usually? i dont know if they know what they are doing. + they lost of number to call me twice.

    They say they need to take all out and look at frame, i dont want them to touch body paint so this is what they are doing. Seem right?

    The internal rear quarters are whats rotted.
    Pictures can be found at this URL:
  5. Wow. Holy Crow. Just wow.
  6. The carpet isn't normally glued down, there is also a layer of underlayment insulation that sometimes sticks to the steel floor.

    There is no frame, it's a unibody car, so you should be able to see everything from the underside. That being said, it looks like the car was undercoated at one time. What they are probably doing is pulling the seats and carpet to examine the floor pans from this inside.
  7. All I get from that link is a bunch of pictures of women while I am not usually one to complain about that you should not have a link like that with out a warning
  8. Your link got me completely sidetracked lookin at Babes with Mustangs :p

    The only pictures I could find (after digging) are here: http://www.mustangv8.com/en2/newbb+viewtopic.topic_id+289+forum+36.htm. I'm getting the feeling those pictures don't tell the whole story.

    I thought the only problem was the rear trunk drop offs (AKA: Inner Quarters) and rear lower wheel wells. Which does not involve touching your interior at all. Are they repairing rust issues at the front of the wheel wells too? What exactly what did you tell them to do? Did you give them a written list of what you wanted done? What kind of quote did they give you?

    Either way, I'd stop by to see what's going on.
  9. sorry for the mis-typeo of the link...i got a warning ticket from DMV just for rear quarters.the ysaid they would do all under neath, a little of damage under where your feet are...thats why they are ripping stuff out... quote is like 1,200.00+ new carpet 99.00+
  10. The state of CT. is screwing you with all these repairs. I would get rid of the car if I were you.
  11. If that is all the damage and cost that has to be taken care of to make the car safe and sound for the next several years, then that isn't a bad deal.
  12. Just got the car back all is good...working on an overheating issue i just posted.