66 mustang wiring issue


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Aug 15, 2020
Electrical trouble 66

Hello, i am new to this forum. I recently bought a 66 mustang 289 v8. The thing is in good shape i have done a lot of work to it, but the electrical is all types of messed up. the person who had it before me had spliced/cut/taped so many wires that i am losing my mind. i have a wiring diagram and have figured out a bunch of issues, but the one issue i am having trouble with is with the main disconnect between the front end harness and the under dash harness at the firewall. this connection is comprised of 8 bullet connectors. the one bullet connector that is connected to a black wire with a yellow stripe is broken off. I have determined that this wire is the starter i believe. i was able to temporarily get it to work through screwing around with it. unfortunately how i have it now is not gonna last as a permanent fix. i have looked into getting a new one, but i can not afford the price for a under dash wire harness at the moment. is anyone aware of a cheaper fix or know where i can just buy this disconnect alone? hopefully this is enough info to explain my issue.
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