66 Paint Color Question (dark Candy Apple Red?)

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  1. I want to paint my 66 mustang a dark red like the pictures below. I believe this is candy apple red, but as I've searched the internet I've noticed that once the paint is on the car there are many different shades/hues of Ford Code T Candy Apple Red. I want the dark shade that looks like dark red even in the sunlight.

    So my question is how do I get my car's paint job to look like the cars below? Dark red even in the sunlight. Is it the brand of the paint, a different color than code T candy apple red, or the way it's painted? Thank you.

  2. There is only one correct version of code T Candyapple Red, no matter what company made it, and this is it. Anything else is some other color.

  3. The color could vary a lot from one brand to another. PPG , DuPont, Valspar or any of the other company's could be 10 shades off from one another. Your best bet would be to get a spray out of a couple brands and see which one you like best.
  4. Thanks. Any other suggestions on how to find that color red in the pictures where it doesn't change much in the sunlight? The fastback above turns a much lighter red when the sun hits it.
  5. Almost any color is going to change going from inside to out in the sunlight.
  6. The Dupont code T is that dark red you show in your first pic, at least it was before everything went waterborne or low VOC.
  7. My car is candy red - used PPG paint. Used 70 pint code not sure if ford used different paint codes of candy during the years be easy to check though
  8. that color changes in different lighting ,in bright sun light it looks lighter . just going from one side to the other looks different . one of my favorite ford colors .i have owned a few candy apple /t code cars. a clear coat realy brings out the color
  9. both of these cars were candy apple red. the white stripes make the 65 look lighter than the 70 with black stripes especially in bright light .it tends to look darker without stripes or with black stripes. 1965 shelby replica 1.JPG 1970 boss replica 2.jpg
  10. You have to be very careful with photos. If the 70 you posted had been properly exposed, it would look more like this.

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  11. My car is Ford "Bright red". From what I understand, it goes back to 1917, as Fords first Fire truck red! The first non black ford color. IMG_4884.JPG
  12. The color was shot over a pure white. The first shot was taken in flourescent light. See how it changes when its outside. Bright sunlight makes it appear like the candy apple. IMG_4913.JPG
  13. I just discussed this very question with the paint guy doing my 66 (almost ready!) I would prefer the darker candy apple red myself. He said that you can use a pure white base as in the post previous or a gold base to make a richer deeper candy apple color. Thats what I am going for. He is painting the inside of my new cowl so I will try and post some pictures of the candy apply red with a gold base when I get it back.
  14. Check out tcpglobal.com their colors and the color library on their site. Also check paintref.com
  15. On the candy apple base though. There are several variations of this classic ford color though. I mixed paint at an automotive paint supply house. Some people most people use a mono chromatic gray primer which means a proper gray that won't alter the red base coat and give depth. Then some people just shoot the red base and clear. Or some use a mettalic base then red top and then clear. Or they'll use gray primer black base then red and clear. I've also seen people use a gray primer then blue base and red base then a clear. You can also check tcpglobals sherminwilliams house of kolor
  16. My cowl got delivered (pictures to follow) and the painter said he tried it with the gold base but it came out looking orange-y so he went back to the white base. Looks ok, not a DEEP red but more like what candy apple would look like.
  17. Picture

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