66 Rear Brake Line Bracket Measurement

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  1. I need a location measurement for the V8 rear brake line bracket on a 66 A code FB.
    I have never seen this configuration. Here is a picture I found of what I have-minus the V8 bracket.
    I have the bracket that is right below the seatbelt reinforcement plate. There are no stamped indents that I am used to seeing. These are original floorpans up this high.

    This is what I am used to seeing:
    This picture shows the V8 bracket in place and the stamped outline of where the 6 cyl bracket would be. So am curious about the difference, and need a basic location measurement to place the V8 bracket in the right place. Thanks!
  2. Looks like it had dual exhaust so the location may be dictated by that? Does the floor pan have an additional support area on the inside?
  3. The pictures are not of the actual car. Faster to find one-but the first picture looks exactly like my floor pan other than the that the V8 bracket is not there. THere are no holes for dual exh hangers so I suspect it was a V8 with single exhaust? but its still odd that there are no stamped locating indents.
    I hammered the original bracket flat then rebent it. Going to cut the sides off it to trim it down and weld it on. Just need to get it in the right spot.
  4. the 66 conversion fast back i am working on has the bracket in the same place as your first pic ,never been changed .i have never seen the bracket there before .it is a Detroit car , c code 289 2 v. your second pic looks like for duel exhaust/GT option
  5. Yes the pictures are just examples to illustrate the problem. The second picture shows the stampings I am used to seeing. Its very odd that there are two different factory floorpans??
    Once I get some basic diminsions it will get welded on and thats that. Thanks!
  6. I'd like to get this bracket welded on tomorrow if anyone can give me a basic measurement. Unless I find something I missed this is that last welding to do on this car. Thanks.
  7. it looks like 2 inches from the bottom of the shock bracket to the top of the bracket and 5 inches from the frame rail,inside, to the edge of the bracket.
    i just noticed that a 64 1/2 does not have the indents so a early 65 may not either
  8. nothing on the inside for reinforcement just welds on outside
  9. Awsome. Thanks. I'll figure 3 1/2" from the shock mount edge to where the brake hose mounts. Still need to trim down the bracket I took off-its really odd looking. I've moved them before converting 6 cyl to V8 but have always had the indents to make it a snap.
  10. I bet they ran out of 66 floor pans and pulled these to keep the assembly line going...
  11. my 66 has that same bracket .i have never seen one there before ,or a bracket like it.it looks like something someone added but its original