66 Will Not Start All Of A Sudden, At A Loss.

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by fox-gt, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. I usually start my 66 i200 once a month just to let it run and let the fluids circulate.

    I went to start it last weekend and turned the key, nothing.

    The battery is new (I had Autozone test it anyway, passed, fully charged), I replaced the battery cables, starter, starter cable and stater solenoid. I made sure all the plug cables were tight on the distributor and coil. The lights and gauges work when I turn the key on. It doesn't make any noise when I turn it.

    The only thing I can think of next is the starter switch, Pertronix device or Pertronix coil went bad. Would something like that just die for no reason. I only drive the car a few times a year.

    Any thing else I can test?
  2. so the engine doesnt crank? the solenoid doesnt buzz? or the engine cranks but wont start?
  3. The engine doesn't crank and the solenoid doesn't buzz. I tried jumping the solenoid and it did try to start.

    I'm going to try the ignition switch next.
  4. Check the wire connector down to the neutral safety switch ,also rock the shifter a couple of times and try again .It may be the neutral safety switch its self.
  5. I replaced the ignition switch and the cylinder lock fell apart when I removed it. My car hates me.
  6. Very common for a 65-66.
  7. that is a good place to start. try starting the car in neutral instead of park, if things happen, then you ahve a neutral safety switch issue.

    not just mustangs, but all early fords do this.
  8. I always check the swedge on the back and usually spike it with a flat blade screwdriver ,even a new one .You can put the old one back together and do the same . I wash them out with thinner ,re grease them and swedge them back together .The old ones usually work better than the new ones .
  9. It was the ignition switch. Thanks everyone for your help. You guys rock.