67-68 Correct Dimensions


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Oct 19, 2020
I’m building a 68 fastback from all new parts. I researched for a couple months, and then built a frame jig using the dimensions from the Ford service manual shown below. I drew up my plan in CAD, and everything seemed to check out. I build the frame jig out of 2” square tube, using templates I cut out on my CNC machine. I got everything level using a surveying auto level.

i started assembly with the frame rails, floor, and firewall. So far, so good. I placed the passenger side Dynacorn pre-assembled door frame, and things started to going awry. Using the Ford dimensions, the front frame rails are virtually level from front to back. That makes the door assembly slope up towards the front. The body line on the rocker slopes up about 1 degree. That’s actually about 3/4” from front to back.

I would have have guessed that the rocker body line and the front frame rails would be parallel with each other. Every picture I can find seems to indicate that. If there is a difference in angle, then it sure isn’t as bad as mine.

So, then I started looking at the Liskey measurements a little more closely. Sure enough, it gives dimensions that would indeed make the rocker and front rails parallel. As best I can tell, the dimensions from the datum to the rear holes (10.84,10.94) on the Ford drawing appear to be about .35” too large.

Can anyone one confirm this or know or a corrected drawing for 67-68s?
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