67-70 Swaybar kit and front springs

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by kslushy, Jun 23, 2006.

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  1. I picked these up at a swapmeet, but they're for a 67+ and not the 65/66 I need. It's all brand new, and I believe from mustangs plus.

    1" front swaybar, new in box poly bushings, new in the box poly bushed endlinks.
    720# front springs

    I'd like $120 for all of it, list price on all this stuff would come out to ~$170 or so if you bought it out of a catalog.

    I'd prefer local pick up in Los Angeles. But i'll ship it at your expense (heavy!) and the sway bar isn't exactly small.
  2. Hey Kyle. Long time no see. You been in touch with any of the Insayne Stang guys? I lost them after the site went down. 720# springs, kinda heavy, you going bib block? I'm running close to that wit the 351w in the 66 and its a bumpy ride.
  3. Hey Bart! I haven't heard anything about IS in a really long time. I've pretty much moved to LA, and i'm just trying to finish up the suspension on the 65. I bought this stuff not knowing the spring rate, nor the years it fit. The 65 is just a 'sunday cruiser'.. that hasn't driven in 3 years :)
  4. I hate double posts...
  5. I really need this stuff gone. How about $100 and i'll even help you install it in LA. You know how you always accumulate stuff to put on your car but never get around to installing it? This is a great opportunity!!! ;)
  6. Hey Kyle, I might be interested in the 67 sway bar. Its for a non-Mustang car so I need a measurement, center to center of the bar end holes. Speaking of 67s, remember this? http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2399597
    I traded it for this http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2399590 about 2 years ago. I think the 67 sway bar might fit on it, I trial fit a 66 bar(stock) I had and it was slightly too short.
  7. Interesting trade! I used a tape measure so its not exact, but its damn close to 39.5" center to center.
  8. Alright, if nobody buys it, i'm going to keep it. I just found out that although its only 20lbs or so by the "bicep-o-meter", with enough reps; like 50 or so, the swaybar makes a decent arm curl bar...
  9. I might be interested, How about $100 including shipping to San Diego?
  10. Do you want all the stuff? My girlfriend lives in Miramesa, so i'm down that way all the time...
  11. Ok, this is the last chance. If it's not gone by the 1st of August, i'm literally throwing away the brand new front springs.
  12. hey bro, I've been out of town for work stuff. The sway bar won't work on the Cuda. I hate to see you throw new stuff out. Try ebay, no reserve, start at $5. Someone will take those springs off you. I'd jump on them but by the time I had them cut to the right height for my car they's be 800+lbs springs.
  13. Do you still have the sway bar?
  14. how much of a drop are the springs, what brand, and $50 shipped u say?
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