Electrical 67 convertible top switch position - help!

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by delmo408, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. The switch doesn't operate up 'n down, it's side-to-side. The reason is a small "post" on the backside that interferes with the switch only allowing it to fit in the side position. Is there any reason for this post? If I grind the post down it will allow for the switch to be installed in the up 'n down position. Any reason why that wouldn't be okay?
  2. i tried to find my 68 switch but it is boxed up somewhere .i cant remember for sure but i dont think mine hade any kind of post .do you have a PIC.?
  3. I see the '68 doesn't have the post which tells me it isn't needed (I hope). Attached is a photo without the cutout for the top toggle (not my actual panel). I think the Ford guy simply cut the hole a little too high and it interferes with the post. I put a red circle around the post I'm talking about. DSC07782_02.jpg
  4. that is your heater controlls. the convertible top switch mounts under the dash in a bracket that looks like a choke bracket.
  5. Hmmmm. The way mine is set up the control switch is IN this panel just below the slider controls! But the bottom line is, does that "stem" have any value? Will removing it have any negative consequence? I've modified the photo to show you what I'm talking about. DSC07782_02.jpg
  6. i see no reason that it wouldnt work there ,yeah just grind the tab off. some one has drilled the heater controll unit for the switch but if you want it in the correct location it is under the dash just below the key switch
  7. Thanks for your time and feedback.