67 Coupe Headliner Installation

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  1. So I started installing my headliner last night and the first part of it is pretty simple. I downloaded the installation guide off of Mustang Monthly and follwed it verbatum up to holding the front back and sides in place with old windlace.

    Now to my question.....with the front pillar areas and making the headliner nice and snug around those, how far should you take it down with the headliner in that area? Kinda hard to explain, I hope that makes sense.

    In the back pillar area, where the serrated edges grab the headliner, I am going to try the old screen door idea and gluing it to the back to give it extra strength. Definitely worried, looking at those edges that it will rip the crap out of it once it gets tight. Anybody used this and have success? Sounds like a great idea.

    Anybody have one that is in the process of installing as well and take some photos already? I will snap some tonight and post them in this thread. This is my first time doing this so I am taking it very slow and hoping not to f*** it up. :D

    I am surpirsed how much is being held up until I get this headliner done. lol Really hard to not work on it when I have all the upholstered stuff sitting in the dining room staring at me everyday. lol
  2. Ahh your a better man than I to attempt that. I need headliner work as well to finish off an otherwise new interior so looking forward to the pics to see what's involved. Around those pillar areas is what would make me farm that job out (and I don't do that to often).

    Last time I tried headliner repair was on an 83 El Dorado and that did it for me ever trying it again. At least the stang I believe has the rods going across unlike the Cad. which only had a deteriorating foam type BS to adhere to. Good luck.
  3. The head liner shouldn't tear by hooking to the teeth at the back pillars. I screwed up when I put mine in and didn't have it centered correctly. One side was shorter then the other... I pulled the $hit out of it and it didn't rip. As for the front pillars, you can run it down too the first hole you come to that the pillar pad snaps into. It will all be covered by the pad, windlace and window gasket, so just make sure you glue it real good and it should be fine.
  4. Sweet, thanks for the info GN.
  5. I am about at the same point as you are, and was amazed on how many things are held up by the headliner. I am trying to get all the door glass in and adjusted, but you really cant do that until the top weatherstripping is in... of course that cant happen until the headliner is in. Then you have the anchor points for the three point seatbelts, sound deadener, roof lighting and EVERYTHING else... they might have just welded the headliner in at the same time the roof was formed... it might have been easier!

    By the way, yours looks very nice and I hope to get my cardomain site updated... I have had small progress between doctors/hospital visits. I AM going to get this thing done before all this other stuff kills me... I PROMISE!
  6. Oh, another quick question...

    My headliner supports were out of the car when I got it... how do you know which one is which? I have heard they are slightly different. Anyone that can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

  7. All of mine were pretty much the same length except obviously the back one. I really didn't have any issue with keeping them in the EXACT same location. So I don't think that would be an issue, but ya never know, mine weren't.

    It sounds like we are having the EXACT same issue as I have all my glass and components laid and and ready to go in, but I figured I would concentrate on the headliner first and finish it. I am not looking forward to figuring out all the glass and adjustments as I did a pour job of keeping it all labeled and straight. :-(
  8. I taught my self a few new phrases last night, messing with the headliner. I will not repeat them here. :bang:

    I did snap a couple photos as I quit and grabbed a beer, as I was afraid I was getting too angry to work it. lol I see looking at the photos and a little more calmed down now, I just need to go ahead and start doing some trimming in the corners and get a buddy to come over and be my counterpoint to pulling and stretching. It just is too much of a pain with one person.

    I am sure that those of you that have done this before are probably laughing at me. :nice: I don't blame you, definitely a learning experience so I am still glad I am doing it. If it takes me three headliners I will get this thing done my self!!!! :lol:

    None of this has been heat gunned yet, I figured I would get it as tight as I can and set, then start trying to get some of the wrinkles out and finally glue it in place. Always fun, when you are in Washington State and it is only 50 outside.






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  9. At least I have most of my glass in... I just have the drivers quarter window to go and its all in there... then the adjustments begin. There are way too many places to adjust, but with everything cleaned and greased, the windows work much, much better.

    I was hoping to get out today, but its probably not going to happen. I am in TX and the heat is creaping up and my head is hurting pretty bad... so I have to wait.

    My biggest worry was getting the headliner in and not having the windshield in yet... that will allow for much more dirt/crap to get into the interior section, but it appears we are about the same progress. I have the dash area to finish up including the vacuum lines and some small electrical and mouting/finalizing the EFI computer. Maybe someday.

    Oh, I also have complete pictures of the insides of the doors so you can see the routing/assembly of the internals. I will happily send them to you if you like. It helped me alot, as I took them apart more than 2 years ago and surprisingly enough... they went together with no mystery parts. Just let me know.

    Hopefully we will finishe each others about the same time and have to meet up on some type of cruise next year... but it will have to be in the middle of the country.

    Good luck.
  10. I need to get some wrinkles out of mine but they are on the back pillars. I got a feeling that I am going to need to wrip off the windlace and pull and reglue it to the front of the pillar. I had a bunch of wrinkles in the top just let her sit in the sun and bake for a while and she tightened up pretty good. I still need to try and hit it with a hair dryer and see if it will shrink a bit but it looks pretty good. I ain't goin for a show car though... just want her to look decent from about 5 foot or so. My kids have put a hurtin on the paint gettin bikes and suck out of the garage. I will have to put some pictures of the installed liner up.
  11. Red,

    If you could send me those pics, you would definitely save me some time. I was not smart enough to snap pictures of that specific part, prior to taking it apart. I would definitely love to see them!!

    [email protected]

  12. Pictures sent... if you need anything new or a pic of a specific area, let me know and I will take one for you. I hope those at least give you a general idea and the rest will fall into place.

  13. Sweet thank you much, I will hopefully get those in this weekend!
  14. Update to pre-glue...

    I finally gave up on trying to do it alone. It is doable, but I got so tired of running from one side to the other only to find out I needed to go back to the other side to fix something, that I said screw it and bought the beer and invited a couple buddies over to lend me their hands. :D

    If you try this alone you are a better man than me. I would HIGHLY suggest having some other hands involved. Here are some photos of where it is now. Suprisingly easy with helpers to hold and pull and even a third set of eyes to look while we were holding and pulling. I only made six cuts on the entire headliner so far to get around the pillars.


    View attachment 357241


    View attachment 357245

    I am hoping to glue it all in place tonight. So wish me luck! :rolleyes:

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  15. Quick question... I was messing around in the garage and starting fitting the headliner and it was going in pretty good.

    I put the dynamat extreme in before test fitting it, but now that most of it is in... should I have put in some other jute backing or foam sound deadening/temp resistant material (like the foam headliners of new cars) Or just leave the dynamat in and it will be good enough and the headliner will give some type heat barrier.

    Let me know, THANKS.