'67 coupe resin model kit?

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  1. Hey all, does anyone know if there are any resin model kits available to build a '67 coupe from the plastic fastback kits that are readily available? Sure seems like the only models I can find of Mustangs are fastbacks... I'd love to build a model of my stepdaughter's '67 for them but can't seem to find a resin coupe body...
  2. Cool!
    Have been looking for 67 coupe for awhile.
  3. Got mine in the mail the other day:nice:
    Just have to figure out, how to put seams on the vinyl top, find matching rims, and paint it.
    Thanks again rrbrucea:cheers:

  4. Here's what I do to recreate a vinyl top--paint the model the color of your choice, then use modeler's pin striping tape to replicate the seams, mask off the top and paint it flat black making sure to apply it kind of "dusty" in order to get some texture. Remove the masking tape and then spray gloss clear over the whole body. The clear over the flat black will give it some sheen, like a vinyl top, but since it was sprayed with flat to start with it won't be SHINY like the body color... Some "chrome" pin striping tape along the lower edge of the top will replicate the stainless trim along the edge of the top.

  5. This guy lists a '68 coupe, but there aren't any photos of it on the website. No way to order either that I could find. Guess you'd have to email him...

    MissingLink Resin Casters
  6. Bigtime thanks, I have been looking for one for about 8 years now! Just sent him an e-mail.
  7. I like the 67 coupe, but I need shelby side scoops, taillights, hood and trunk spoiler to make it look like mine. anybody know if this stuff is available?
  8. You could use those parts from a 67 GT500 or 68 GT500 KR model kit that is pretty common.