67 Deluxe Interior Dash Aluminum

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  1. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has tried or seen the aluminum overlay decals that are being sold. I just need the aluminum over the glove box door. I didn't want to replace with new because than it would stick out with all the other pieces being old and having a patina all there own if you know what I mean. I am trying to wake up a 67 GTA fastback that had been sitting for over 1o years. The car isn't running and I need a engine and tranny rebuild ( among a million other things) so would rather put the big money into making it able to run & drive. Any input would be appreciated.
    Hey if anyone has a old one that they took off there car and wants to sell it that would be great. Thanks

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  2. i would go with the aluminum or the pieces will not match up.
    i made my own pieces out of 18 guage aluminum and hand brushed them with 100 grit sand paper and i dont see any difference in the look. i made a pattern from thick construction paper and when that fit the way i wanted i transfered it to the aluminum.
  3. I ordered a set of Scott Drake this week and when it came i was very disapointed. It looks like peel n stick. Didnt look like brushed aluminum to me at all. For the money im sending the junk back. Has anyone seen the Burton brushed aluminum being sold on NPD site. Has anyone seen these up close or in a car? Any other choices that you guys know would be appriciated. Thanks
  4. Its not brushed aluminum it's anodized. I replaced the ones in my GTA Fastback a number of years ago with a set that were brushed aluminum and they didn't look any where close to the originals. There was a guy in Texas that restored the originals, it was expensive and I don't know if he's even around anymore. I'll try to find his name.
  5. We use all of Burton's for our door panels,dash, lower console and the upper console for our one piece headliner. It ha a nice clear coat finish.
  6. thanks guys. anyone else?
  7. Have a related question - I've been looking for an aluminum color dash kit that covers the area above the glove box, the space between and around the two center vents, and that goes around the instrument cluster. All of the dash kits that I've seen are for covering the radio, areas below, and other odd bits here and there.

    I currently have a 2005 V6 that has the stock black dash. I used to have an '06 that came with the Pony Package and the dash had that great aluminum look. Trying to replicate that look on my current '05.

  8. I would suggest you get the pieces hydro dipped so that it all matches. I just looked at a sample from a company that will be doing this for us.