'67 Front Coil Spring Removal

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  1. Hello,

    My boss is having me look for instructions on how to remove the front coil springs off a '67... I have looked hi and low, and can't find anything, other than people saying that you have to use a spring compressor...

    Any detailed information, or pictures, would be awesome.

    This is for a customer's car, and my boss can't figure it out. (I'm the IT guy, and don't actually do the dirty work, although I love working on cars)

    I greatly appreciate any information that someone can give me. :hail2:


  2. Take off the shock, compress the spring, take the upper control arm looseto get it out of the way. You're home. Take great care in the spring compression. Those things can be deadly.
  3. Oz's right, there's no magic involved. You simply remove the shock, thread an inside spring compressor together inside the spring, then using an impact gun (I'm lazy), compress the spring enough to get it out. You also need to remove the bump-stop bracket that covers the upper half of the spring, but other than that, it sould take no more than 20 minutes with air tools to get the spring out, add another ten if you have to use hand tools, or need to take a coffee break in the middle of it.
  4. Any, uh, DETAILS on how to do this??? My boss said it's not a normal proceedure, and started laughing when I told him I posted a message on here... "You did what? Hahah... That guy just said to take the spring off and put it back on, no help. I can't believe you posted a message on a forum."

    Keep in mind, that this is a cenile old bastard that thinks he knows everything, and in fact, he's detroying his own business because he is making too many poor business decisions, and pissed off all of his GOOD employees that could have taken the company to much larger levels.

    Now, although it would be nice to give him the information, I'm to the point where I say,

    "Ok. Go $!(@ yourself, and find the info yourself."

    Thank you for taking a minute to post a quick reply.

  5. No problem. Sounds like he's got hit once too many times by flying objects.
  6. It is as easy as stated. Just be very careful getting the spring out....it is a missile!!
  7. Thanks for your responses... They are much appreciated.