Suspension 67 Front Suspension Upper Arm Bushings.

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  1. I just got some new uppers but the bushings are awfully stiff,(I can't move them with my hand).Can someone tell me how to set them up?
  2. ??
    Do you have the old suspension taken apart already? You should be able to just put the two bolts through the inner fender, and then reassemble.
    But from your question, it's hard to know for sure where you are in the process. Are you rebuilding the stock front end, and on what year of car? Did you buy new control arms, or just new bushings? Do you have a vice to work with?
    Got any pictures of what you are trying to get done?
  3. if it is the new upper control arm shafts, they usually are tight especial if you try to move them by hand . before you install them make sure they have grease fittings in the ends and give them a squirt of grease ,you never know if they were greased when they were assembled . the ball joints are usually to tight to move by hand as well.
  4. Not to step on any toes but he does say 67 front suspension upper arm bushings
  5. yes but as there are no bushings it must be the upper control arm shafts. they are threaded on the ends and the ends are actually nuts that thread on to them and into the control arm at the same time .they are sometimes tight and cant be turned easily by hand.
  6. My bad,I didn't realize I was being so imprecise.I bought new upper A-arms for my 67 mustang from a major supplier which I believe are likely Chinese.They of course came assembled,but as I said,very stiff.My Haynes manual says"check that the shaft is free to turn without binding." Thus my quarry.
  7. they should be stiff but not so stiff that you have to force them . put the studs through the towers and snug them down and see how much force it takes to move them up and down, but as i said grease them first or they may feel to stiff
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  8. Hello H.S.- followed your suggestion-greased & mounted A-arms. They still feel stiff but I could call them extremely tight but not bound up. With the load they will be under I believe they will be O.K. Also, I have learned to take Haynes with a grain of salt,they have gotten me in trouble before. The grease fittings were so loose in the threads I had to use more teflon tape than I have EVER used on a fitting. Seems like Chinese threads are always loose. I wonder if Scott Drake parts would be better. I like to save $ but not to the point I degrade my car. I appreciate and value your input.
  9. The Scott Drake arms are very nice ,i have used them a few times
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