67 Gt Fastback S Code Or Shelby Clone

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by Ed67, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. I have a 67 GT Fastback 390 four speed, I'm restoring and need help deciding if I should keep it stock or clone it. always liked stock cars over clones but my thinking has changed over the years, any suggestions value cost etc. would be appreciated and any kit ideas? I need to replace taillight panel so that's not a issue.
    Thanks, Ed
  2. As long as you're not trying to "clone" for investment purposes, it is my opinion that at least the tail lights (especially if you need to replace the panel anyway) are a cool upgrade, although, I prefer the more "straight" look of the 68 Shelby lights to the always "crooked" looking 67's. The front Shelby treatment is certainly gorgeous, in my opinion, but truly more costly. If you are building to own and enjoy, build it the way you like it. An "S" code Fastback definitely has it's own cool factor. Gotta LOVE them FE's!
    My $.02,
  3. I have the same car and I would not even think about doing a clone. If it is a numbers matching car you would be better off leaving it as is, there are not many of them left. The clone is overdone and I think the novelty is wearing off of them. Just my $.02. I just hate seeing a unique car turned into something that it is not :)
  4. IMO clones are way overdone. 390 GT Fastbacks are pretty amazing cars. DO you have the Marti for your car?
  5. At the most I would do a color that I like, maybe even stripes, but no clone.

    On my 65 I did the Lemans stripe and the racing valance but no badges or labels, its just a mustang with stripes. I figure people raced cars that weren't Shelby's back in the day so why bother trying to fool anybody, especially since I usually park next to a 65 or 66 GT350 on many Saturday nights.
  6. I really like the thought of a clone. But I think I will stay with original, mainly since it is a S code. Thanks for the info.
    I'm not familiar with the Marti report will that give me info that the serial # Data tag wont? Also I was told it was #s. matching car. I believe it is can anyone tell me how to check?