'67 HiPo parts into a 5.0L block

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by skidado, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. I'm rebuilding a '67 HiPo engine and want to use the stock replacement 5.0l block (M-6010-A50).

    What problems will I encounter?

    I understand the one-piece rear main seal will require that I machine the oil slinger off the early crank, and there are some water holes to drill in the deck surface, but what else...?

    Anyone out there done this swap?

  2. IF it is a "hipo".. then you are going the WRONG way!! The 289 has main webs and caps from HELL!!!!! Thicker cylinders and just a totally STRONGER unit than the cut down light weight 5.0 !! THe "mexican" block everyone talks about is weaker than the HIPO ( If it is a Hipo Block) !! you have Killer rods ( 3/8 rod bolts) Killer mains ( the size of the 351Ws) and can over bore .060 !! Why change?? roller cams?? there are adapter kits out there to adapt all the hydrolic rollers !! and the adapters are only 45.00!! Keep the 289, mod for the rollers, and your rocking!! cool??

    Just me..............................

    (PS.. the "K" engine is worth a good few dollars... might think about selling it and buying all kinds of things with the 2500.00!! ( If you have the heads also)
  3. Yes, it is a real and complete HiPo, to be re-installed into my '67 shelby.

    Two important things I didn't mention in my original post -

    1) the original block is cracked. I had it sleeved, but when it was installed in the car and cold-cranked, it pumped all the water out! (pressurising the water system)

    2) I'm in England, where refirbished 289 blocks are extremely rare. I can buy a new -A50 or -B50 block from Ford and it will only cost about double what you guys pay (sucks doesn't it?)

    I know this is not the ideal route to getting the car back on the road, but I have few alternatives.

  4. Now that is a real bummer!! I wish I could tell you that I would bring one over when I come on Holiday in June !! But as it is I'm bringing 2 sets of heads for my buds in Middlesex. The way the dollar is now against the PPS you will probably pay Less , even with shipping!! But I totally agree on the engine building over there, It has been a 3 year prodject instead of one year do to the machine shops and parts... If you live there ( not Military) dont scrap the block!! you CAN have the main caps installed on a early 289 or 302 and then alighn bored, or maybe some one will be able to repair it proper!! If in the milt... put it in household and bring it back here!! that engine is worth MONEY to the K motor Mustang guys!! A lot of money!! Just a thought!!

    Other than that... the oil slinger on the crankshaft is all!! the stock cam and soild lifters of the K will all interchange!! you will need to upgrade the timing chain, and your rocking!!

    Just me..............................