67 Mustang Master Brake Cylinder Drum To Disk Help


Aug 4, 2017
im new here and can use some help. I have looked all over and can't find much info on this. I am slowly converting my front brakes from drum to disk. I already did this on the back brakes from a crown Vic police interceptor Anyways my question is on the master cylinder I've been told from my local mustang shop that I can use my existing master cylinder but I have to remove something from it. Does anyone know how you convert a M/C for drum to disk?
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Aug 25, 2001
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Seems like I read years ago that you need to remove a residual check valve from the master cylinder where the lines come out. The pictures I saw showed a small valve being picked out of the line with a small punch. Or you could buy a master cylinder with the right bore (1" seems about right) designed for discs. They're fairly inexpensive.


Aug 4, 2017
When I called my local mustang store and and ask for one that is disk/disk they told me that they normally reuse the original drum/drum master cylinder and all you have to do is remove something so I was hoping that someone knew how to do this and maybe had some pics to go along with it. I will buy one if I have to but money is an issue. If I can use something that I have or can do it myself I'd rather go that way and that's most of the time. Anyways thank you for the info.

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You have to remove the brass seat where the line screws into the master cylinder. A screw ran into the seat ,and pull and it comes out .Remove the valve behing it ,and replace the brass seat .

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Mar 15, 2016
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Or just get the right mc, theyre really not expensive. I think I paid $60 for my disc/drum mc from napa. I got the spindles, booster, and prp valve from a 79 granada, got new rotors, calipers, n bearnings. threw new tie rods, idler arms, and lower control arms while i was in there



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Jul 13, 2017
When I put front discs on my '65 "K" car, off a GT-500, 67 or 68, I kept the old, original cast iron Master Cylinder, with the screw-on cap, (no power assist), tried 'em out without a proportioning valve, found no untowards tendency for unequal braking as was expected, so drove with it so. Pedal pressure was very close to the drums for normal braking. Hard stops, the big discs worked like hell! Sorry I had no camera back then.......BTW, I don't make this :poo: up. Doubt any bull:poo:ter could supply the detail I can. imp
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