67 mustang power steering

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  1. i have a 67 coupe with a 302 and what to know what i can get to put power steering in it so i can let my wife drive it sometimes i want to keep it as stock as i can but she wants to be steer the car without using all of her muscles im working on a budget so if i could get some insight on what i could get for cheap parts right now

    thanks a lot
  2. If you pickup used OEM PS parts, and rebuild them yourself, that's probably the cheapest route. You'll need to become very familiar with the parts, though, to be sure you are getting the right year parts. Don't use cheap universal hoses, they rarely work as well as the OE style ones.
  3. hi BernardWell ,I guess you can go through a private owner and see if there are any spare parts for Cheaper or go to theh yard and check there if not you'll have to spend but be safe!
  4. Um, he said "im working on a budget", so I don't think a $1700 rack will do it for him. You can get an entire OEM system, restored and ready to install for about $950, or go with the Borgeson conversion for about the same. That's $700 less than the rack conversion. And as I said, if he uses used parts, and rebuilds the valve himself, etc., it should be no problem doing the whole job under $500.
  5. I've just completed a DIY system on m stock manual '68. Total cost about $300. I've yet to put it on the road yet but hope to very soon.

    Isuzu Trooper integral steering gear $75
    Saginaw pump (rebuilt) $50
    Borgenson hose kit $75
    Pump bracket for a Bronco/Sag conversion $50
    rag joint-used the old one
    belts and bolts $10
    I also needed new double groove V-belt pulleys (about $50-$75)

    I basically followed Gikort here with a few mods that fit my situation better.
  6. Thank you for all the help i really appriciate it hopefully i should have it on the road in a few months